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PMP - Sample test paper-1

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While managing a datacenter development project, the project manager has noticed there are many conflicts between the team members on the project. When managing a conflict in a project, what would be the best role for the project manager?

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While working on a project, the project manager asks to incorporate more of the user feedback into the deliverables. In an agile project, where do the customers give the team feedback on the product?

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While working with the project team and conducting a brainstorming session, the project manager noticed that a lot of the ideas the team was coming up with were not organized. What tool can best be used by the team to visually organize their ideas?

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While building an agile space the project manager would like to implement a tool that will allow the team to keep track of the flow of work while limiting the work in progress. What tool best meets these requirements?

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While developing very complex software, the project manager met with some of the industry’s top subject matter experts to understand their perspectives about solving some of the problems in the software. What tool best describes these meetings?

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While working on a project with a budget of $5,000, the project manager determines that the earned value on the project so far is $1,750. So far, the project team has spent $2,900. What should the project manager report as the status of the budget?

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The project manager and sponsor are consulting with banks and other lending institutions in order to obtain funds for the project. What process this describes these actions?

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The team is concerned with the quality of the product about to be created by the project. What statement about quality management is true?

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Over the last three weeks the project team has finally been able to establish a shared vision of what the product would look like when it is complete. This is an example of?

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Senior management in the organization would like your project to have as few risks as possible. Which of the following contracts best meet their criteria?

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The project manager is having a very difficult time collecting the requirements from the customers. The customers are having a difficult time putting the requirements into logical groupings. What tool can best help them group the requirements?

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The project manager, Mark, overheard that the project team is not satisfied with the way the budget was created. They strongly believe the project will be over budget at the end.

What is the next best step for Mark?

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Which of the following is an XP practice that helps to create a shared vision between the developers and the customers?

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The project has managed to build about half of the deliverables needed to complete the project. The project has spent $50,000 on materials and labor. This money that has already been spent is generally referred to as what?

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While installing the new virtual server, the team discovers a new method that they can use on this project and future projects that can get the installation done in about half the time. This new method involves prepping the server image and cloning the machines. What is the best project document for the team to update?

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The project manager is informed that a manager in the finance department has requested to be included in the weekly status updates on the project. What document should the project manager update immediately?

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While working on a project, the project team has encountered a problem that has halted the project work. The team is unable to come up with a solution and would like to have an outside company come in and finish the rest of the project. What should the project team do next?

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A project has completed 60% of all the work. The team has spent 55% of the project budget. The budget is currently set at $180,000. The sponsor has requested to know the project’s CPI. The project manager should inform the sponsor that the CPI is the following

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The project manager and the project team are reviewing the completed deliverables to see if they meet the performance requirements outlined in the requirements documentation. This is done so that when the customers are invited to inspect the deliverable, there will be no issues. What is the best output of this process?

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While constructing a new office space, the sponsor has requested the project manager complete the project sooner. While analyzing the work, the project manager has noticed that some of the work can start before the predecessor work is done. What can the project manager do in this scenario to complete the project sooner?

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A project manager is having difficulties communicating with the project team; there always seem to be misunderstandings and conflicts. What interpersonal and team skills should the project manager improve on?

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Agile project conduct planning at multiple points in time as the scope is refined and change over the project lifecycle. This is known as?

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A project manager working in a large multinational corporation has been assigned to upgrade the company’s website. This project will require inputs for many functional managers across the organization from different countries. Each functional manager would like one of their representatives to be present on the project team. What would be the best tool or technique for handling this scenario in a cost-effective way?

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While analyzing the budget of a project, the project manager notices that the current CPI of the project is .93 and the SPI is 1.4. What best describes what is taking place on this project?

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After the iteration has completed where will the team inspect the methods, they used to build that increments?

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The project team is working with the customers to write the user stories. The customers have refused as they claim this would add no value to the project. What would be the best step to resolve this?

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While working on a large project, the project manager originally counted 12 stakeholders. A new requirements and six more stakeholders were added to the project. How many communication channels are on this project?

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When selecting a project, the company looks at different factors that could impact their selection. What document best identifies the need for a project?

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The project team has completed a bidder conference for the office renovation project. Over 15 different construction companies came to the conference. Directly after the conference, all the companies submitted their bids immediately. What is the next step the project team should take?

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While working on a project, you realize that you will not be able to install the server and the workstations at the same time. In fact, the team has alerted you that after the server installation is done, you should wait an additional 4 days before installing the workstations. This is due to the updates the server will need, which is an automated process. What do you need to add to the schedule in order to account for this delay?

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When managing risks on a project, the project manager should be aware of the individual project risks and which other project risks?

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The project manager and team have decided to hire a contractor to complete building out the remaining section ofthe datacenter. They have the requirements listed in detail and would like to use a contract that would present the smallest amount of risk to the project. The project team members would like to purchase the materials themselves since there are very familiar with the work. What contract is best for this project?

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The project manager has been informed that the company’s senior management would like a meeting about the status of the project. What should the project manager take to display the current schedule of the project?

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The agile project team has completed the Sprint planning meeting. What would be the output of this meeting?

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While working on a large utility project for a major metropolitan area, the project manager has noticed that there is no change control board to approve changes for the project. What would be the best step for the project manager to take in this scenario?

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The project manager is working on a project for which the scope, time, and cost are known during the early parts of the project planning. What life cycle will the project manager consider on this project?

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While building the agile space for new agile team which of the following tools should the project manager insurer is available to all of them?

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During a new workstation rollout project, a stakeholder asked for a change to some of the software being installed. The change was submitted to the Change Control Board but was rejected due to the high increase in cost of the software being requested. What should the project manager do next?

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The project manager has decided that most of the stakeholders on the project would like to reference the status reports for the project on the company’s internal website on their own time. This would make it easier for them, as it is very difficult to schedule a meeting with all of them at once. What type of communication best describes this?

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The agile project team has determined that many of its processes has a lot of waiting and would like to remove all of the waste in the processes. What would be the best tool the agile team can use to improve their processes?

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