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PMP - Sample test paper-2

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While managing a datacenter development project, the project manager has noticed there are many conflicts between the team members on the project. When managing a conflict in a project, what would be the best role for the project manager?

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While working on a project, the project manager asks to incorporate more of the user feedback into the deliverables. In an agile project, where do the customers give the team feedback on the product?

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While working with the project team and conducting a brainstorming session, the project manager noticed that a lot of the ideas the team was coming up with were not organized. What tool can best be used by the team to visually organize their ideas?

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While building an agile space the project manager would like to implement a tool that will allow the team to keep track of the flow of work while limiting the work in progress. What tool best meets these requirements?

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While developing very complex software, the project manager met with some of the industry’s top subject matter experts to understand their perspectives about solving some of the problems in the software. What tool best describes these meetings?

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While working on a project with a budget of $5,000, the project manager determines that the earned value on the project so far is $1,750. So far, the project team has spent $2,900. What should the project manager report as the status of the budget?

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The project manager and sponsor are consulting with banks and other lending institutions in order to obtain funds for the project. What process this describes these actions?

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The team is concerned with the quality of the product about to be created by the project. What statement about quality management is true?

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Over the last three weeks the project team has finally been able to establish a shared vision of what the product would look like when it is complete. This is an example of?

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Senior management in the organization would like your project to have as few risks as possible. Which of the following contracts best meet their criteria?

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The project manager is having a very difficult time collecting the requirements from the customers. The customers are having a difficult time putting the requirements into logical groupings. What tool can best help them group the requirements?

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The project manager, Mark, overheard that the project team is not satisfied with the way the budget was created. They strongly believe the project will be over budget at the end.

What is the next best step for Mark?

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Which of the following is an XP practice that helps to create a shared vision between the developers and the customers?

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The project has managed to build about half of the deliverables needed to complete the project. The project has spent $50,000 on materials and labor. This money that has already been spent is generally referred to as what?

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While installing the new virtual server, the team discovers a new method that they can use on this project and future projects that can get the installation done in about half the time. This new method involves prepping the server image and cloning the machines. What is the best project document for the team to update?

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The project manager is informed that a manager in the finance department has requested to be included in the weekly status updates on the project. What document should the project manager update immediately?

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While working on a project, the project team has encountered a problem that has halted the project work. The team is unable to come up with a solution and would like to have an outside company come in and finish the rest of the project. What should the project team do next?

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A project has completed 60% of all the work. The team has spent 55% of the project budget. The budget is currently set at $180,000. The sponsor has requested to know the project’s CPI. The project manager should inform the sponsor that the CPI is the following

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The project manager and the project team are reviewing the completed deliverables to see if they meet the performance requirements outlined in the requirements documentation. This is done so that when the customers are invited to inspect the deliverable, there will be no issues. What is the best output of this process?

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While constructing a new office space, the sponsor has requested the project manager complete the project sooner. While analyzing the work, the project manager has noticed that some of the work can start before the predecessor work is done. What can the project manager do in this scenario to complete the project sooner?

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A project manager is having difficulties communicating with the project team; there always seem to be misunderstandings and conflicts. What interpersonal and team skills should the project manager improve on?

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Agile project conduct planning at multiple points in time as the scope is refined and change over the project lifecycle. This is known as?

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A project manager working in a large multinational corporation has been assigned to upgrade the company’s website. This project will require inputs for many functional managers across the organization from different countries. Each functional manager would like one of their representatives to be present on the project team. What would be the best tool or technique for handling this scenario in a cost-effective way?

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While analyzing the budget of a project, the project manager notices that the current CPI of the project is .93 and the SPI is 1.4. What best describes what is taking place on this project?

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After the iteration has completed where will the team inspect the methods, they used to build that increments?

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The project team is working with the customers to write the user stories. The customers have refused as they claim this would add no value to the project. What would be the best step to resolve this?

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While working on a large project, the project manager originally counted 12 stakeholders. A new requirements and six more stakeholders were added to the project. How many communication channels are on this project?

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When selecting a project, the company looks at different factors that could impact their selection. What document best identifies the need for a project?

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The project team has completed a bidder conference for the office renovation project. Over 15 different construction companies came to the conference. Directly after the conference, all the companies submitted their bids immediately. What is the next step the project team should take?

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While working on a project, you realize that you will not be able to install the server and the workstations at the same time. In fact, the team has alerted you that after the server installation is done, you should wait an additional 4 days before installing the workstations. This is due to the updates the server will need, which is an automated process. What do you need to add to the schedule in order to account for this delay?

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When managing risks on a project, the project manager should be aware of the individual project risks and which other project risks?

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The project manager and team have decided to hire a contractor to complete building out the remaining section ofthe datacenter. They have the requirements listed in detail and would like to use a contract that would present the smallest amount of risk to the project. The project team members would like to purchase the materials themselves since there are very familiar with the work. What contract is best for this project?

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The project manager has been informed that the company’s senior management would like a meeting about the status of the project. What should the project manager take to display the current schedule of the project?

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The agile project team has completed the Sprint planning meeting. What would be the output of this meeting?

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While working on a large utility project for a major metropolitan area, the project manager has noticed that there is no change control board to approve changes for the project. What would be the best step for the project manager to take in this scenario?

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The project manager is working on a project for which the scope, time, and cost are known during the early parts of the project planning. What life cycle will the project manager consider on this project?

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While building the agile space for new agile team which of the following tools should the project manager insurer is available to all of them?

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During a new workstation rollout project, a stakeholder asked for a change to some of the software being installed. The change was submitted to the Change Control Board but was rejected due to the high increase in cost of the software being requested. What should the project manager do next?

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The project manager has decided that most of the stakeholders on the project would like to reference the status reports for the project on the company’s internal website on their own time. This would make it easier for them, as it is very difficult to schedule a meeting with all of them at once. What type of communication best describes this?

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The agile project team has determined that many of its processes has a lot of waiting and would like to remove all of the waste in the processes. What would be the best tool the agile team can use to improve their processes?

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A major portion of a large construction development project was completed by a contractor. The contractor has completed all the work listed in the agreement but also completed other work the contractor felt had to be done. The contractor is asking for more money that was not listed in the agreement, and the project manager feels that what they’re asking for is too much for the additional work that was completed. What should the project manager do next?

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The project manager has just spoken to one of the software developers, Bill, about the project and has asked for an estimate of how long it will take to code a specific function. Bill said that it would take a maximum of 10 days, but that most likely it will be 6 days. The project manager has calculated the PERT estimated duration of this activity to be 6 days. What is the least amount of days it will take to complete this activity?

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The project manager is currently reviewing all of the meetings that took place over the past few weeks to ensure that it was done according to the communication management plan. What process is the project manager currently conducting?

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After many years of following the agile principles the project team has implemented a few new methods in addition to the agile methods in order to increase the efficiency of the project. This will be known as?

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The project team is working with the customers to write the user stories. The customers have refused as they claim this would add no value to the project. What would be the best step to resolve this?

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As an agile project manager, you have encountered many issues with the product owner. The product owner has refused to prioritize the product backlog stating that all items are equally important. After educating the product owner about the value of prioritization he still refuses. What should the agile project manager do?

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The project manager has brought the project team together to explain what the project will be about and what their roles will be. The team members introduce themselves to each other and learn about the different skill sets each of them brings to the project. What stage on Tuckman’s ladder best represents this?

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The project team has just assigned costs to each of the activities on the project. They will now use these costs to find the overall budget of the project. What tool can the project team use to complete this task?

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The team is concerned with the quality of the product about to be created by the project. What statement about quality management is true?

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The project manager and the project team are currently assessing various ways of responding to a particular risk. The project involves reconstructing part of their current office building, and they’re worried about a hurricane hitting and damaging the materials or parts of the unfinished building. The best response they came up with was to purchase insurance in case a hurricane does hit. What kind of strategy is this?

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While developing very complex software, the project manager met with some of the industry’s top subject matter experts to understand their perspectives about solving some of the problems in the software. What tool best describes these meetings?

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While working on a complex software development project, the team is having a difficult time understanding a process used to code a particular report. They find the process to have many different paths and if/then scenarios. They have asked the project manager for a tool that can help them see the process on a large white board or on paper. What’s the best tool the project manager can recommend for the team to help visualize the process?

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While conducting procurement on a project, the project manager has received many different bids with a wide variance of estimated cost for the work. What can the project manager use to best determine which vendor has given a realistic price?

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The project manager is working on a top-secret company project and would like to ensure all the correct security measures are in place for communications regarding the project. What tool would the project manager use?


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A project manager wants to ensure that the new cell phone the project is creating will beat or match the performance of new cell projects by other companies. What tool would be the best for the project?

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The project team has identified a number of risks that could affect the project. One risk in particular is that the permit to build the foundation has shown up late. They have ranked this risk as the most important in the project since it will cause the largest delay. What process best describes this ranking?

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The project manager is currently working on a large building renovation project. The project team is almost done with planning when the project sponsor informs the project manager that due to new regulations, the project will need to be completed within 6 months; if not, they will not be able to open the building to the public. What best represents this?

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A project manager working in a large multinational corporation has been assigned to upgrade the company’s website. This project will require inputs for many functional managers across the organization from different countries. Each functional manager would like one of their representatives to be present on the project team. What would be the best tool or technique for handling this scenario in a cost-effective way?

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While working on a network upgrade project, a team member installed the network connection and is now configuring the router in order to work with the network connection. The network connection must be done before the router can be configured. This is an example of what kind of dependency?

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The deliverables for the office relocation project were accepted by the company stakeholders, and all office staff were very happy with the work of the movers. The office manager requested to close the project immediately due to year-end budgetary closeouts. The movers filed a claim for an additional $300 for moving a copier that was not part of the plan. What should the project manager do next?

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A global organization is headquartered in a country that has just passed a law making it illegal for employers to contact employees outside of office hours. Because 85% of the employees live in this country, and the leadership team launched an initiative in employee wellness, the company has adopted the policy across the whole organization.
However, just this weekend, the director of marketing sent an urgent email to the entire team demanding that they correct a mistake on the project prototype, ASAP! Two team members sent messages with a tone of panic to the team lead’s personal phone.

How should the team lead respond?

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A project team is building a pedestrian sky bridge across a major river. Some technical project team members are highly experienced with mega infrastructure projects. However, the team also includes many junior trainees who have little experience. This variance in team experience is listed as a risk that could affect team working conditions and safety, as well as the project build quality.
At the team’s morning status meeting, a facilitator led a discussion about continuous improvement and asked the team how leadership and the company could help them improve.

The team listed the five following answers. Which two actions can help this team improve? (Choose two)

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A global volunteer organization operates a continuous training model to improve the knowledge of all volunteers and members. They design custom training on a wide range of topics and deliver it virtually on the third Friday of every month.
The team in charge of training brainstorms a list of ideas to check if the training is effective and adequate.

Which item on this list will help determine the effectiveness of this training?

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After months of information gathering and meeting with the community, a police force wants to design and launch an app to improve the quality of communication with members of the public, one of their critical stakeholders.

How is this an example of continuous process improvement?

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A highly engaged agile team is forced to halt business operations when a major crisis occurs, closing offices and requiring employees to work remotely.
Many team members who were high-performing contributors before the crisis are missing daily standups or attending meetings but turning their cameras off and not participating. Because of poor attendance, the project is not meeting sprint goals. Consequently, the project is not performing well.

Which action is the most effective way to motivate the team?

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A product owner is collaborating with the team lead to refine the product backlog. They need a better way to prioritize the backlog because the current stakeholders could not agree while using the MoSCoW technique. The product owner decides to create a matrix and identified "value" as the first axis.
Which two items could work for the second axis? (Choose two)

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An organization’s policy states any change requested on a project that exceeds a certain amount and/or complexity must adhere to the organizational policy and procedures.
The project manager just received an urgent change request (CR) from the customer, and they want it added to the change control board (CCB) agenda scheduled for tomorrow. However, the CR is incomplete.

What should the project manager do?

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A construction project to build a luxury skyscraper is coming to an end. In advance of the handoff, the management team has been trained to take charge of all aspects of maintaining the building. The lead engineer from the development team expresses concern. During construction, substantial new technologies were introduced, and the engineering team learned new skills.

What is the best way for the team to handle knowledge transfer in this case?

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A key team member has been offered a new opportunity and will be leaving the project team. The team is looking for a replacement but is unable to find anyone with the same level of skill. This team member has been with the project since it began, which was over 1 year ago, and has a lot of knowledge and skills that other team members lack.

Which two actions should the team take to ensure project continuity? (Choose two)

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Company H is completing a merger and has acquired several valuable assets from company Z that require specialist care, including intellectual property rights and museum artifacts. The team is conflicted about what to do, but the product owner has identified knowledge transfer—to ensure the new organization can maintain the collections properly—as one of the highest priorities for the merger.

Which two of the following actions should the team take? (Choose two)

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A team lead receives an email from the product owner asking for a more precise view of actual time spent on tasks to apply more accurate business value estimates in the product backlog. The team is extremely busy, and deadlines are tight.

How should the team lead answer this request?

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The agile team has identified a lot of risks and issues, but the notes seem to be a bit unclear. Which two of the following are risks? (Choose two)

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A project manager shifts to an agile approach for a project with an aggressive go-to-market timeline. The project manager needs to revise the stakeholder engagement plan so that it follows agile principles.

Which action should the project manager take?

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A project manager is working on a data center migration project and is developing the schedule management plan. The project was planned to last 40 days and the project sponsor wants it done in 35.

Which action should the project manager take to amend this schedule for the new requirement?

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A new product is released by a company. When a customer identifies performance issues with the product, the project manager investigates and realizes that the cost of quality (COQ) methodology should have been used to estimate this cost.

Assuming the customer has identified an issue, which category of COQ should the project manager be referring to?

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During an agile project, key stakeholders are expressing concerns about their lack of involvement. They feel disconnected from the project. The product owner agrees with these concerns and wishes to do something quickly. The iteration is coming to an end.

What would be a good way to engage the key stakeholders at this stage?

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A product team has completed 8 of 10 planned iterations for a streamlining project. While refining the backlog for iteration nine, the product owner learns about a massive, company-wide budget change and sends this email:

Dear streamlining project team,

The budget change announced yesterday will impact our project. I may need to reprioritize some of our planned work.

How should the team lead respond?

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An agile team welcomes a new team member who is unfamiliar with the agile approach. At the weekly demo meeting, this team member becomes visibly nervous when an operations engineer, who often criticized their previous work, appears unexpectedly, and gives very direct feedback about the prototype. After the meeting, the new team member leaves the room quickly.

How should the team respond? (Choose two)

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A product owner is reviewing notes from the latest stakeholder meeting.

Which two note items should the product owner consider as changes to the product backlog? (Choose two)

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A critical project to improve a customer service process has failed. Even though all the end users were trained on the new service, they rejected the change and continued using their original process.
Which of the following actions should the team take?

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A team was assigned a project to build a new insurance policy administration system. After 6 months of project work, the project sponsor expresses concern. A colleague in an unrelated company division claims the policy administration system has bugs and the team is unable to solve critical problems.

Which two options should the project manager use to prepare a response to the project sponsor? (Choose two)

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A project team lead has challenged the team to minimize defects and waste in project teamwork. As an initial step, the team proposes to assess the relevant quality standards and framework.

How can the team do this?

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A project team is set to deliver a project in 12 months. The sponsor encourages innovation, and the project has a high-risk tolerance. However, 8 months into the project, it is plagued with incomplete and failing prototypes. The highly capable team is feeling demoralized, and the project manager worries whether the deliverable will ever meet the stated acceptance criteria.

How would an adaptive life cycle have helped this project?

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A newly assembled project team is holding a kick off meeting over the weekend. About half of the project team already works together; the other team members are contractors.
The company already uses lean and agile approaches. However, during the meeting, the team members openly argued about everything—from project goals to the smallest details.

Which action will help the team to build a shared understanding?

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A government is ready to announce a new tax on sugary products to fund a healthcare program. The team is working on the first set of goals to secure buy-in from the industry stakeholders and launch a strong public campaign to support the mandate.

In which three ways can the project build a shared understanding of the project goals with public stakeholders? (Choose three)

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An experienced software developer is asked to lead a project for a customized software application for a client they have worked with previously. About 2 months into the project, the client wants to know how change is being managed and wants to see the project management plan. The team lead tells the client that this is an agile project; therefore, there is no project management plan! The client escalates this issue to the sponsor.

How should the sponsor respond to the client?

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A company is merging two similar projects. The extensive business processes from each project need to be merged. The team wants to optimize the merged business processes, and they hire a consultant to help them.

How can the team ensure knowledge continuity from both projects?

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A medical charity organization operates in disaster emergency zones worldwide. At headquarters, the leadership wants to ensure that their practitioners’ professional licenses are compliant with governing bodies both in the practitioner’s home and in their working locations. This is a condition set by their board of directors and the charity’s legal team.

In order to facilitate the new measures, which three actions should be taken? (Choose three)

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A product owner receives some confidential security information that needs to be included in the definition of done or as part of the acceptance criteria.

How should the project leader categorize this requirement?

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During a sprint review, the team identified successful gains on planned improvements while noting that a lot more development and testing is required. The product owner wants to report on the business value of the work.

Which action should the team take to assist the product owner with validating business value?

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A project manager joins a project with the following features:
-Globally distributed team
-Fixed budget
-Very tight deadlines

How can the project manager avoid scope creep and keep the team focused on delivering a product that meets requirements during planning?

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A client is making a lot of small, minor change requests, indicating that they are urgent and critical.

Which action should the project manager take?

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An agile team is in dire need of additional resources, so the department decides to add another agile team. A few teams are possible candidates, so management decides on using a performance test to decide which team to add for 10 iterations.

Who should be responsible for hiring the new team?

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An agile team has been asked to update the project artifacts because new team members are joining soon. Which two of the following should be updated? (Choose two)

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A team is developing the human resource (HR) module of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. During a site visit, the client observes concerning data on the team’s information radiators. The burndown chart depicts the progress of the current 3-week iteration. The team is one-third of the way through the iteration, but the actual progress to date reflects the team is behind the planned progress.

The client expresses concern and asks the team lead to discuss it with the product owner. How should the team lead respond?

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A production streamlining project is halfway complete. The team is working well together and optimistic about achieving their goals. The company is having significant personnel issues and has lost many of their senior technicians to start-ups that were offering great salaries.
To make matters worse, the VP of manufacturing requests to use the team’s most senior technical resource for a major new project kicking off next week.

What should the team lead do?

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At a company party, people are having a friendly, open conversation about which team is the fastest. One person laughs and says that team A has a velocity of 20, whereas team B has a velocity of 40, so team B members will all be receiving bonuses.

How should the leader of team A react?

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Enterprise Z has partnered with a company to deliver a certain number of phone SIM card chips each month. The results are reviewed each month at the joint steering committee meeting. Enterprise Z has been clear about their preferences and tolerances in the service-level agreements.

What is the best tool to monitor the delivery of products?

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An agile team is nearing the end of the project and has been able to complete all stories and deliver value to the client. However, the coach has noticed that the coding standards are NOT up to par.

What should the team do?

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Organization ABC merged with Company XYZ. The project management office (PMO) creates a team with the required expertise. They decide to prioritize an evaluation of company processes, then figure out what needs to be done to create an interim organization that meets the leadership's needs.

Which two techniques should the project team use? (Choose two)

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The team lead is having a coaching session with a team member. Read the scenario and answer the question.

Lead: We've noticed that your work is a few days late again.

Team Member C: It is. I took extra time to fine-tune settings before handing off to the release team.

Lead: OK. We have been through this for the last four sprints, and we need to resolve it. After sprint 3, you blamed a faulty technical setup for the delay, but we found out that was not accurate. Do you think you can give us more realistic estimates next time?

Team Member C: Yes, I was wrong. I thought I was giving realistic estimates, but I realize that after three sprints, my method must be flawed.

Lead: Do you want to do a planning session together so we can figure out a better way?

Team Member C: Yes, that would be helpful. I know that my delay is causing stress on the team. Thanks!

Which two steps in emotional intelligence (EI) has this team member just realized? (Choose two)

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To improve its culture for workers, an organization’s leadership team wants to provide childcare services. Other personal services such as wellness and financial counseling are planned for the next calendar year. The project team needs to decide how to implement the new services. Leadership wants these services in place as soon as possible. The team holds a brainstorming session.

Which two questions should the team explore to begin implementation of the services? (Choose two.)

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A project’s goal is to improve a company’s customer service process through automation and staff development. The team sent initial surveys to the staff to assess their satisfaction with the current process and are now analyzing the responses. These are the top four responses:

• The current process works fine.
• The current process needs fixing.
• We need better training.
• We do not need any more training.

Which two activities should the project team perform first? (Choose two)

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A project manager has drafted a project management plan. While working with the stakeholders, the project manager observes that the key stakeholder’s priorities for the scope and schedule are vastly different from the priorities of all of the other stakeholders.

Key stakeholder - site upgrades and user improvements in a 9-month project schedule
Stakeholders F, K, and S - user improvements in a 3-month project schedule

Stakeholder A has openly stated that the broader scope and longer schedule are necessary for project success.

What should the project manager do first in order to get this project management plan approved?

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An agile team has identified several risks during their last retrospective, including the chance of hiring a contractor to double the speed of a critical investigation during the next iteration.

How should the team classify this risk?

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In a product demo meeting, an engineering specialist presents the latest test-driven development prototype and asks for team feedback. Team member Y interrupts the demo to protest about the high cost of the prototype. Members of the engineering team immediately become defensive and begin answering all at once.

What action should the project leader take in this situation?

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A project team is completing a sprint. This team normally performs well under time pressure. But this time, something seems different. The workrooms are quiet, and people are having conversations that seem secretive. A check of the scrum board shows that work is on schedule and quality checks are met, yet the team lead feels anxious.

What should the team lead do?

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A project team member is having an extremely difficult and busy personal life. The team is NOT aware. They only see mistakes and missed deadlines. The team is in the middle of an iteration and this team member’s latest mistake has caused a major issue.

How should the team lead respond in this situation?

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A project team leader is reading feedback from a survey given to key functional manager roles. The project aims to introduce a new service to improve an internal process that will affect all of them. One of the questions was “What do you hope to learn or gain from this project?” The answers varied widely among the four team members.
Manager J - I am excited to learn about the new technical service and add it to my team’s core competencies.
Manager K - I want to learn how the new service can help my team do their job better.
Manager H - Maybe not much. I already know how this service is supposed to work.
Manager M - I’m not sure. I’ll wait and see.

How should the project team leader support the growth and development of this group?

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A project team is being sent overseas to lead an integration project at a subsidiary factory. To prepare, they review a transcript from the retrospective from a previous trip to identify the main problems.

Which problem listed below can the team approach and potentially solve using servant leadership and active listening during the next iteration?

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User testing on the last product release revealed low user interest in certain features that required a significant effort to develop. The team feels demoralized, and they want to make sure their future efforts are worthwhile. Success in the next iteration is critical as the competitor product is gaining market share.

How should the team respond?

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A product owner has created a lot of epics and has started breaking them down into user stories. These high-priority user stories fulfil the definition of ready. At the iteration planning meeting, the product owner leaves after 2 hours.

What should happen next?

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While the team coordinates delivering the latest version of a machine-learning product, a client stakeholder shows signs of resistance. The team lead suspects this is because the stakeholder feels their job is threatened by the automation in the product.

Which approach should the team lead take to effectively reduce the stakeholder’s resistance?

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A project is more than halfway finished. The project manager noticed that the teams have not been conducting retrospectives at the end of every sprint. Instead, they are conducting them after the release, which is every 6 months. When the project manager addresses this problem during the all-hands meeting, the team responds that retrospectives are a waste of time because nothing changes.

What should the project manager do in this situation?

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A collocated agile team is updating the ground rules based on the last iteration and retrospective.

Which option should be excluded from the new ground rules?

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The CEO of a global furniture chain authorizes a project to retrofit 35% of the company’s factories with new technology in 2 years, at a maximum cost of $US48 million. The competition in this market is high and the CEO needs to see a return on the investment within 3 years.

Which development approach should this project take and why?

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Two project managers are chatting in an airport lounge, on their way to a conference. They have never met and work in different companies. Project manager A tells a story about the last project, in which the team was given strict deadlines for updating artifacts and were audited to ensure risk registers and issue logs were updated at least once per week. Project manager B is shocked by project manager A’s story, because their project team is allowed to work independently, with very little reporting required.

Which statement is true?

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A PMO in a large manufacturing company has been working diligently to retrain project managers and standardize software and templates across all projects, so that every project in the company will produce compliant artifacts. Which type of PMO is being described?

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A project manager is assessing the risks to a hybrid project in the execution stage. At the end of each iteration, the team has only reported normal issues such as equipment malfunctions. However, the team has recently alerted the project manager to a developing problem that signal regulatory noncompliance for the product.

Which artifact should the project manager review and update?

120 / 175

A project team member is consistently missing deadlines, creating bottlenecks for the rest of the team.
Which action should the team take to support the team member?

121 / 175

A project manager meets frequently with a company’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) coordinator, because several members of the project team wear t-shirts on Fridays that others in the organization consider controversial. They are allowed to wear the shirts, but there are numerous complaints from around the company.

What should the project manager do first?

122 / 175

A team member has reported a project manager to HR for shouting during meetings. Other team members validate the complaint, but when the PMO asked the project manager about this, their answer was they were only trying to motivate the team.

What is the problem here?

123 / 175

In an organization, some people work longer days in a 4-day week, while others work standard days 5 days per week. On one project, a mix of these schedules has caused some scheduling problems, particularly for standups and iteration demos.

Which approach should the team take?

124 / 175

A virtual team member has recently joined a collocated team. Despite being highly qualified, the team member’s performance is constantly questioned and ridiculed by the collocated team members.

Which approach should the team lead take?

125 / 175

An international bank is performing a merger as part of a major program change and hired a consulting company to perform an advisory role during the merger. The consultants recommend using agile to ensure the best chance of success.

What do the consultants mean by this?

126 / 175

A project team is working in a remote location, and its operability is threatened due to severe supply chain disruption. This risk was listed in the risk register, but the severity of the disruption was not accounted for, so guidance on the response is minimal.

What should the team do first?

127 / 175

An agile project team is working in an environment that is experiencing significant and disruptive upheaval. Team members are not performing well due to the stress, but work must continue.

What should the team do?

128 / 175

A racing team has just finished a season and is preparing for next season. The owners think they should change the way the business works to make the company more efficient and have better control over outcomes and budget. The team engineers want to continue researching and running highly experimental design and technology developments. The racing team has hired a project manager for consultation.

What should the project manager recommend?

129 / 175

A project team is brainstorming a complex issue with the prototype in development. They have consulted numerous experts in the field and together, have narrowed down the choice of possible actions to two.

How should the team decide which action to take?

130 / 175

A virtual project team has been working together for a month. During this time, they have bonded a little, and then at an in-person team-building day, they finally meet each other. At this meeting, the team decides they would like to make a change to the weekly status meeting ground rules and include a little time for socializing. They think it will help to ease the feelings of isolation many of them express. The current team charter states that status team meetings are to be used for work purposes only.

What should the project manager do first?

131 / 175

A project team is worried about product packaging and presentation. They receive a lot of negative feedback about this during iteration demos.

How can the team improve their chances of customer acceptance?

132 / 175

A project team has just successfully completed development of an underwater exploration device, which has cost more than $US3 billion to deliver. The company immediately orders five more units to be delivered, but with a budget of $US1 billion. The stakeholders' reason for the reduced budget was since the technology has been developed, the project can be funded for building costs primarily, with a small amount for troubleshooting or development work. The stakeholders’ priority is to recoup some financial value from the first project.

How should the team and the product owner approach this situation?

133 / 175

A project in a university to create a seed bank is complete. It was the first project used in the organization to use an agile approach. The deliverables were identified by the product owner. Some of the stakeholders are concerned about quality and have not signed off on the deliverables.

What is the best way to collect feedback on the definition of done (DoD)?

134 / 175

An agile team is deployed to create a workable solution for helping a region with contaminated water supply. They are working with the government, contractors, and local residents to find the right technology to solve the problem. The product owner is trying to determine the urgency of the problem.

How can the team help the product owner?

135 / 175

A project team relies on work with an overseas contractor. For years, this contractor accepted payment in the team’s currency, but have now notified the team’s company that after next month, future payments must be made in the contractor’s local currency.

How can the team deal with this problem with the least disruption to the team?

136 / 175

A company initiates a project to replace aging infrastructure by adopting an emerging green technology. The team is forming and having initial conversations about how to approach the project.

Which three of the following will be helpful to the team? (Choose three)

137 / 175

An agile project team is working on improvements to the user experience (UX) for an online newspaper. The team thinks this is a fairly low-risk project, so they forgo a risk assessment and start working. The product owner disagrees and commissions a risk assessment.

Which statement is correct about this scenario?

138 / 175

The executives, managers and coaches of a professional sports team often disagree. On a current project to create a VIP perks program, the product owner gets wildly conflicting inputs from the stakeholders ––9 executives, managers and coaches. The product owner who is new to the organization asks the team for help on making decisions to create the initial product backlog.

What should the team do?

139 / 175

An executive in the company who is not a key project stakeholder of a project has expressed continued interest in the project and frequently gives their opinions directly to the project team. The key stakeholders are becoming annoyed and perceive the executive to be interfering, but the project team finds the executive’s inputs helpful.

Which two options are present in this situation? (Choose two)

140 / 175

A company executive who is not a key project stakeholder of a project has expressed continued interest and opinions directly to the project team. The key stakeholders are becoming annoyed and perceive the executive to be interfering and causing unwanted noise, but the project team finds the executive’s inputs helpful.

What should the team do first?

141 / 175

Owners of a small luxury travel magazine want to expand their services to provide bookings for readers’ dream holidays. They commit 15% of the company’s annual profit over 3 years to develop and launch the service. The company creates a high-level vision statement and objectives and key results (OKRs), which they hand over to a consulting company.

Which approach and initial scope decision is suitable for this project to begin work?

142 / 175

To prepare for this year’s major international sporting event which will be broadcasted live on every continent, the project manager arranges professional media training for key members of the project team and stakeholders. Stakeholder A, who is outspoken and extremely active in the media, is not taking the training class seriously. The facilitator reports the issue by email, stating “I can’t work with this trainee anymore!”

What should the project manager do?

143 / 175

A large project team for a major annual event is reforming with all the same team members. To prepare for the preliminary meeting with the team, the newly assigned project manager reviews the lessons learned repository and sees this highlighted comment: “Team members were distracted at the live matches. The team leads were ineffective at redirecting team member effort.”

How should the project manager approach this situation?

144 / 175

A project manager for a major annual international sporting event is reviewing data collected after the second of six planned project phases and sees that the team is performing poorly. The project uses a hybrid management model, with a project manager and decentralized decision-making at the team level. The project manager learns that several critical elements are behind schedule, and some delivered services are not operating correctly, resulting in rework and more delays. Also, team members might be enjoying working with the sports teams and being in the media spotlight a bit too much.

What should the project manager do?

145 / 175

A tech startup has four projects authorized and running:

1. Customer experience (CX) app development with executive stakeholders
2. Third-party app development with new vendors
3. Project with global team members who speak six languages
4. Game development using experimental technology

Which statement about risk and quality is correct?

146 / 175

A project to train kitchen personnel in process efficiencies for a restaurant franchise has a small project team of four people. It is essential that this team has a broad understanding of the franchise's business processes so they can create training that delivers the efficiencies required across the business.

Which team member already has T-shaped skills that would be beneficial to this project?

A - Project manager with 30 years of experience leading business development projects
B - Training specialist with 10 years of experience in menu development
C - Team member with 5 years of experience leading teams, who also is scrum master
D - Team lead for finance and operations, who was once the owner/operator of a franchise

147 / 175

A project team working in a city’s transportation agency is planning the launch of a 24-hour subway service for the first time in its 120-year history. One month before the launch, a terrible electrical accident shuts down service for the whole city, causing injuries and millions of dollars of damage to the infrastructure.

What should the project manager do?

148 / 175

An agile project team previously attempted to launch a new version of streaming fitness videos in an increasingly competitive market. By the end of the last project, competitors had already launched similar products. Stakeholders were disappointed about the loss of value.

Which two actions should the team leadership have taken or done differently to avoid stakeholder dissatisfaction? (Choose two)

149 / 175

A company designs robotic vacuum cleaners. Sales are declining, so the company wants to pursue a business opportunity in a growing market: to adapt their machinery with artificial intelligence (AI) for use as home companions. A senior business analyst completes a feasibility study and examines the opportunity, delivering three main points:

• Partner with another company to provide AI technology instead of in-house capability development
• Success could triple the company’s growth over the next 5 years!
• Expand existing sales channels.

The stakeholders authorize the project unanimously and appoint a project manager to start work. Which two actions should the project manager perform first? (Choose two)

150 / 175

A government agency is concerned about the continuity of their projects. Many senior staff members who started the agency are retiring in the next 5 to 10 years. Their knowledge and experience as project managers of past and current projects will be critical to the agency’s future success.
A project manager is engaged to steer the effort. Which two options are the best ways of ensuring knowledge transfer for continuity of the agency’s projects? (Choose two)

151 / 175

During a busy period of organizational change, team members on project L are allocated as follows:
• 60% of working hours – project L
• 20% of working hours – company-wide organizational change project
• 20% of working hours – functional role
Project L is progressing according to schedule and budget, but a few minor quality factors are being neglected. The project manager prioritizes on-time delivery, and the very dedicated team asks about working overtime to improve quality.

How should the project manager respond?

152 / 175

A company is undergoing a global enterprise-level transformation. In 3 years, they will end 85 years of publishing books and instead offer tutored, virtual learning communities.
The first big project is to refit the factories and warehouses as film studios. The project management office (PMO) authorizes a project using a predictive life cycle, and that work begins. However, the learning community designers (key stakeholders) keep requesting design changes, which has caused delays and costly rework. With 18 months left, the team is getting nervous.

How should the project manager respond?

153 / 175

An established farm is struggling to maintain profitability and plans to integrate an agro-tourism project to expand the business. They hire project managers and personnel and initiate a project. The new team members will share resources for both the farm and the playground project. The farm needs to continue generating cash flow to support operations until the project is integrated--in 8 months.

By the second month, the project manager learns that farm production performance has decreased drastically because the project takes up a lot of the team's time. Which two approaches should the project manager consider providing the best chance for the business to succeed and produce the desired outcomes? (Choose two)

154 / 175

An agile team member has an extremely varied skill set and performs their work well on projects. This team member has been allocated to many different roles during their work history at the company. For this reason, the team member states, "I feel like I am put on projects randomly. I am not getting anywhere, and the company does not value my work."

What should the team leader do?

155 / 175

At the beginning of a customer service improvement project, two stakeholders are noted as “resistant” on the stakeholder engagement assessment matrix (SEAM):

• A finance executive who says the cost of the project is too high
• The customer care team that wants better salaries and working conditions.

All other stakeholders support the project.
After months of difficult negotiations, the customer care stakeholder group is now noted as “neutral,” though final agreements must be signed; this is ongoing and will take significant time and effort. The finance executive continues to state that the cost of the project is too high.

What should the project manager do?

156 / 175

A pharmaceutical company has manufactured its best-selling product for more than 50 years. Production has steadily increased, and the company is ready to make a significant investment to expand the business.

Leadership asks the project management team to carefully assess the risk of this expansion. What should the team focus on?

157 / 175

A project will create digital keys for 18,500 employees at an airport. The project management plan states that security clearance data for employees must be verified and updated in a digital security file every 6 months. This is part of the acceptance criteria. In month 3, the project manager discovers that the company hired to maintain the digital security files has filed for bankruptcy.

Which statement describes the status of this project?

158 / 175

A project that is in progress requires a resource with a specialized skill. Because of time limitations, the agile team has two options: either borrow a team member from another department who can work part-time or use an independent contractor. The eight team members discuss the options, but they are unable to reach an agreement. The vote is 50/50, and both options have positive benefits as well as risks.

What should the team do?

159 / 175

At the start of a project, stakeholders agreed to expedite approval of the project charter and project management plan to get the project started on time. But after the first sample batch is sent to the customer, a serious problem is discovered:

Customer: “Samples sent over for approval are inferior, with failure rate of 27%. . .  thought we agreed 15% as maximum failure rate.”

The project manager checks the project management plan and discovers that “good quality” was noted as the acceptance criteria instead of the usual number range for failure rate. The other stakeholders are willing to approve the batch with a 20-25% failure rate, but the customer rejects this idea.

What should the project manager do, and which artifact should be updated?

160 / 175

A hotel chain wants to improve the customer loyalty program by increasing the number of returning guests by 35%. The project manager finds two strong opinions:

  • Stakeholder J suggests that the sales teams focus on the top 10 corporate clients and incentivize them toward exclusive use of this hotel chain.
  • Stakeholder M suggests improving the quality of their airport sites, which already have a large number of repeat guests. Stakeholder M also insists the chain cannot compete in larger markets, so the strategy stakeholder J suggests will fail.

    In a dramatic escalation, stakeholder M sends an email to the project manager and the entire leadership team accusing stakeholder J of having a bias. What should the project manager do first?

161 / 175

A project is comprised of three highly dependent parts; each being completed by its own project team. The team leader, worried that conflicts might arise when the outputs from the three teams are combined, asks for advice.

What advice should the project manager provide?

162 / 175

A project manager joins a project team, replacing a manager who left. During initial meetings, the project manager realized that the team members have differing opinions about how to address technical decisions. Team members did NOT respect each other's ideas, and the environment was becoming counterproductive. However, now with the new manager’s leadership, the team has begun to communicate more effectively and develop some processes and procedures for working together.

In what phase of development is the team now?

163 / 175

A virtual team will travel to a work site and work as a collocated team for 6 weeks in Q3 of next year to transition their project to the customer. One team member, whose role is critical to the transition, is getting married during Q3 but has not told anyone until now. This team member requested 3 weeks of holiday right before the planned team travel.

What should the project manager do?

164 / 175

A project manager in a luggage manufacturing company is asked to explore new business opportunities and deliver three proofs of concept (POCs) to the executive team. Sales are declining rapidly, and the company’s future is at risk. The 15 project team members are stakeholders from all over the organization, chosen for their independent thinking. They have very different points of view about which opportunities are best, and arguments are erupting openly and often.

Because of the varied points of view, the project manager adopts an agile approach to quickly build shared understanding about the work and find the best solutions to present to the executive team. Which two approaches should the project manager consider? (Choose two)

165 / 175

A financial services project will be executed by a team of three teams. Each team has unique objectives for the first phase and then will merge efforts for the second phase to deliver the product. The product owner wants it done as soon as possible. In the initial draft of the schedule, team A finishes their work in a 9-week timeline, but teams B and C need 14 weeks to complete their work.

The scrum master suggests allocating resources from team A to teams B and C during weeks 10-12, to shorten the total timeline. Teams B and C agree and would like the added resources. However, team A says “no” because they need to prepare the transition plan and train staff on the product during weeks 10-14.

Which two actions should happen? (Choose two)

166 / 175

Certain key stakeholders are dissatisfied with the development of a key feature of a project. They express their dissatisfaction during an iteration review meeting.

What should the project manager do first to resolve this issue?

167 / 175

At a weekly project status meeting, a key team member expresses concerns about the overall approach documented within the project management plan. The project manager is surprised because the team is in the process of executing an important component of the project and the concern has NOT been raised before.

What steps should the project manager take?

168 / 175

The project manager schedules an iteration review and learns that a few key stakeholders do NOT approve of the development of a feature.

What should the project manager do first to address this issue?

169 / 175

A project team is comprised of local and virtual team members. To manage scheduling priority conflicts among team members, the project manager schedules a video conference call.

Which conflict resolution technique does this statement demonstrate?

170 / 175

An unresolved conflict between a member of a third-party vendor's team and a member of a project team is causing disruption. The issue is escalated to the project manager.

What should the project manager do first?

171 / 175

The atmosphere is tense in the sprint planning review. The agile team members are visibly unhappy—one of them kicks a chair and shouts at the product owner, "That just doesn't make sense!"

Which two actions should the project manager take in this situation? (Choose TWO.)

172 / 175

A project manager has assembled a project team. During initial meetings, the project manager observes that team members are getting to know each other, feeling excited and positive about the project, and have NOT been told the specific details of the project.

In what phase of development is the team?

173 / 175

Three project teams are working on parts of a single project. The parts are highly dependent on each other. The leader of the team indicates that this might create conflicts when the outputs from the three teams are combined.

What guidance should the project manager offer to the team lead?

174 / 175

A project is utilizing a third-party contractor. A member of the contractor's team raises an issue with a member of the project team. The two individuals are NOT able to work out a solution. The project manager is aware of the disagreement.

Which type of communication should the project manager use first when contacting the vendor about this issue?

175 / 175

During the execution of a project, a key team member is concerned with the overall approach documented in the project management plan. The member surprises the project manager with negative comments about the approach during a weekly status meeting.

How should the project manager address the team member’s concerns?

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