PMP Sample Exam 3

PMP Sample Exam 3

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As a project manager, which of the following should you review to determine the proper process for handling project change requests?

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The risk breakdown structure (RBS) helps the project team consider the full range of sources from which individual project risks that may arise. The second Level of RBS includes Regulatory and Legislation. In Which Category are these risks included?

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The completion date for a critical milestone is approaching, but a shared team is unable to commit to achieving it on schedule. What should the project manager do to meet the milestone date?

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The project near to complete, unidentified stakeholder request a change on project scope. As a project manager, What should you do first?

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A project manager receives an email from a vendor that a key deliverables will be delayed by a month. What should the project manager do first?

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You are working on a project to construct four buildings complex. The project management plan calls for completion of one building per year at a cost of US$ 100 Million each. At the end of year three, 1st Building was completed at a cost of US$100 million & 2nd Building completed at a cost of US$120 million & 3rd Building only 50% completed at a cost of US$ 60 million To meet the original project management plan, what monthly performance is needed until the end of year four?

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A Project Manager working on a critical deliverable encounters a major change that affects the schedule baseline and the next milestone deliverable. You have assessed the impact of the change on the project constraints with your team, and the change control board just approved a change request. In which process will this change be implemented?

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You are Creating a network diagram for your project. Activity A (5 days ) can start immediately. Activity B ( 3 days ) can start after Activity A is complete. Activity C ( 2 days ) can start after Activity B is complete. Activity D (4 days ) can start after Activity A and B are complete. Activity E ( 3 days ) can start after Activity C and D are complete. While having all Activities as FS relation, what is the Float of Activity D?

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During the review of a control chart, you notice that the process has 3 points between mean and lower control limit and 4 points between upper control limit and specification limit. How will you consider this process?

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During regular team meetings, the project manager notices that there are clear signs of conflict and issues related to unclear task assignments and ownership. What should the project manager do to address this?

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You are managing a construction project. During the project execution, the architect-engineer has resigned. You need to negotiate with the functional manager to get another one. Which of the following will help you to convince him?

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A project manager wants to confirm that the project team implemented best practices for the requirements-gathering process. What should the project manager do?

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During the execution of the project, you had to manage a change request. You evaluated the impact of the change on the other constraints of the project then you got the change request approved by CCB. The next step a project manager should do is:

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At the midway of the project, the sole provider has delayed the delivery of the materials for the project that lead to an effect on the Project schedule. Keeping the supplier with the same delivery rate will provide further delays, and replacing the supplier will lead to cost overrun. What will you do next?

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A project manager reviews the risk register and is concerned with the response strategies. What should the project manager do?

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An important stakeholder identified a problem with one of the features of a software application your team was working on and submitted a change request. Even though it was out of the project’s scope, the change control board approved the change. The BEST action to take next is:

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In the final stage of the project, the sponsor rejected the final product where he said it didn’t meet the project goals. Which document you will review to convince him:

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Your company has signed a fixed-price contract with the seller organization to finalize the project requirement. Which of the following estimating technique would be best in order to estimate the activity cost?

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A project is contracted on a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) basis with a Fixed fee of US $5,000. The estimated cost is US$50,000. If the project comes in at US$60,000 with no changes in project scope, what would be the total cost of the contract?

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After contract sign-off , a project manager learns that the vendor has a reputation of not delivering according to the contract. To ensure the vendor’s compliance, what should the project manager do?

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A project manager is in charge of an important project, and the customer requests changes on a continuous basis. The project manager implemented the change requests without documenting the change requests to satisfy the customer. The project manager realized that his project exceeded costs. What could have been done by the project manager to prevent cost overruns?

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A project manager is in charge of an important project, and the customer requests changes on a continuous basis. The project manager implemented the change requests without documenting the change requests to satisfy the customer. The project manager realized that his project exceeded costs. What could have been done by the project manager to prevent cost overruns?

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Project manager Mark is currently working on a new office automation project and is consistently being asked for updates and meetings with the project sponsor. Mark informs the sponsor that the constant meetings disrupt his work, and his project is starting to fall behind schedule. The sponsor responds by saying that that is his management style. What best describes the sponsor’s management style?

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The project sponsor has signed off on the project charter and has spoken to the project manager, who then has to keep the cost down on the project. The project manager agrees to try his best to keep cost down and to finish the project under budget. What should the project manager do next?

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While managing a datacenter development project, the project manager has noticed there are many conflicts between the team members on the project. When managing a conflict in a project, what would be the best role for the project manager?

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While working on a large project, the project manager originally counted 12 stakeholders. A new requirement and six more stakeholders were added to the project. How many communication channels are on this project?

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The agile project team has completed the Sprint planning meeting. What would be the output of this meeting?

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While working on a complex web design project, the manager has received a change request from a senior stakeholder to fix a problem with the current intranet server. The project manager has determined that this change is outside the scope of the project and is not covered by the work listed in the project charter. What should the project manager do next?

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While managing a product development project, the project manager met with the team to determine some of the key tasks that will ensure they produce a high-quality product. What should they consider the most important concept in quality?

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The project manager has released the project team, completed the final lesson learned, and then completed the final report. The PMO has informed the project manager that it is not happy with this approach. What has the project manager done wrong?

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The project manager has met with the project team and has informed them that his team performance assessments are done, and he would like to speak with each of them individually about the results. What process group is this?

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The project team has completed the server deployment project. They have tested the server to ensure that it works according to the requirements given to them, and it seems to be functioning correctly. What process group has the team just completed?

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The datacenter redesign project is currently 30% complete. The project manager is not happy with the way processes are being followed by the team in ensuring that the network wiring will meet its quality requirements. What process should the project manager do to improve the processes so as to meet the quality requirements with the network wiring?

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A company has completed building a new datacenter. The project has many changes that were submitted to the change control board. Most changes were approved, and some were not. Which of the following is not a purpose of the change control board?

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While working with the system administrator, the project manager identifies many different types of resources required for the project to be completed successfully. The project manager classifies them as HR, material, equipment, and consumable resources. Where can the project manager best document these resources?

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The project team is currently working on a project to upgrade all the servers across the organization. Before they are able to get the financial server, the vendor calls and says the server delivery has been delayed 2 weeks. What documents should the project manager update immediately?

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The project manager and the project team are currently assessing various ways of responding to a particular risk. The project involves reconstructing part of their current office building, and they’re worried about a hurricane hitting and damaging the materials or parts of the unfinished building. The best response they came up with was to purchase insurance in case a hurricane does hit. What kind of strategy is this?

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You are currently managing a business process reengineering project and have identified all the risks that can affect the project. You would like to put the risks in order from most impact to least impact on the project. What is the best process for doing so?

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Agile project conduct planning at multiple points in time as the scope is refined and change over the project lifecycle. This is known as?

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A project manager has completed the project status report. The report states the CPI is 1.1 and the SPI is 1.14. The report was given to the project sponsor, who has become very upset about the project’s progress and has requested an immediate meeting with the project manager. What should the project manager report in the meeting?

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The project manager and the team have worked endless hours to calculate the amount of time it will take to conduct each activity. They would like to document some of the assumptions they made and the constraints they may face when the project is executed. What document will they use for this?

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The project manager is informed that a manager in the finance department has requested to be included in the weekly status updates on the project. What document should the project manager update immediately?

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The project team and the project manager held a meeting to discuss a few issues related to the project. The meeting was very productive and led to most of the issues being resolved. A few weeks later, one team member brought up one of the issues that was resolved in the previous meeting as being unresolved. The project manager reviewed the meeting documentation and determined that the issue was resolved, but the team member may not have known about the resolution. What could the project manager have done differently to prevent this miscommunication?

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The project manager has just identified a new regulation that can possibly delay the project significantly. The project manager has added this new regulation to the risk register. What should the project manager do next with this risk?

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The project manager has been informed that the company’s senior management would like a meeting about the status of the project. What should the project manager take to display the current schedule of the project?

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The project manager and team have decided to hire a contractor to complete building out the remaining section of the datacenter. They have the requirements listed in detail and would like to use a contract that would present the smallest amount of risk to the project. The project team members would like to purchase the materials themselves since there are very familiar with the work. What contract is best for this project?

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What is considered the single most important skill a project manager should have?

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While installing the new virtual server, the team discovers a new method that they can use on this project and future projects that can get the installation done in about half the time. This new method involves prepping the server image and cloning the machines. What is the best project document for the team to update?

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The project manager has calculated the SPI of the project to be .7 and the CPI is .9. When reporting the progress of the project to the company stakeholders, what should the project manager say about the project to the stakeholders?

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While working on a project schedule, the project manager notices that activities A, B, and C all have a duration of 4 days. The project manager also notices that activities F and G have a duration of 7 days. Activities A, C, F, and G have a slack of 1 day. Activity B is the only one on the critical path. What is the slack on activity B?

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A project manager has just taken over an agile project that is about 50% complete. The project manager is currently reviewing the product backlog and notices the requirements are not in an order he understands. How is the product backlog prioritized?

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Senior management has requested an update to the current product upgrade project. The project manager knows she has to keep the information high level and as short as possible. Which resource would be the best to show senior management?

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The project team is currently working on an advertising project. They have completed a few of the activities, which includes writing the script for the commercial. Once the team completes an activity, what should they do next?

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While working on the web design project, the change control board approved a change to the layout of the menu. What process should the project manager conduct next to ensure the change is implemented?

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While working on the workstation upgrade project, the project sponsor informs the team that they have to stop the project immediately and start working on a router upgrade project. The sponsor wants the router upgrade project to start in as little as 2 days. What should the project manager do next?

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While planning a major network upgrade project, one stakeholder has given a requirement to upgrade the switches. The project manager has determined that this would be too costly to be included in the project and has decided to exclude it. What process will the project manager use to document this exclusion?

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The project team has completed a major deliverable on the game development project. The deliverable was given to the project manager. What action should the project manager take next?

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When selecting a project, the company looks at different factors that could impact their selection. What document best identifies the need for a project?

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What is the main difference between the product scope and the project scope?


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The product owner has added three new changes to the product backlog. The agile project manager has met with the team and they have decided immediately how to implement these new changes, although these changes will be implemented in three iterations from now. The product owner informs the agile project manager that he is not happy about this. What should the agile project manager do?

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A project has been chartered to replace the current company’s file storage system. An external vendor provides the hardware, and an internal team develops the software. The team is self-organizing and comprised of generalized specialists. The team suggests working iteratively with the vendor, but the vendor refuses. Therefore, only software will be developed iteratively.

What project management approach would work best for this project?

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A project manager is developing the project schedule and wants to empower the team with more decision-making authority than past projects. He creates a Gantt chart that displays activities down to the work package level of the WBS, which are assigned to the team rather than individuals. He then records the work packages in the backlog of a Kanban board.

How might the project manager use inspirational motivation to empower the team through idealized attributes and behaviors?

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As project execution begins, the project manager hears that many stakeholders are unhappy with the way they are involved in the project. After meeting with some of the stakeholders, the project manager reviews the project management plan and submits a change request to incorporate an agile practice into one of the plan’s components.

Which of the following did the project manager most likely include in the change request?

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“A company is losing market share to disruptive competitors with new business models. A cross-functional agile team has been formed to recommend ways to recover market share. How can the team increase their chance of producing successful recommendations? “

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The project requires frequent input from the senior management team. Some of the past projects succeeded in engaging the team, however, most failed as senior management is notorious throughout the organization for responding slowly and not attending meetings.

What is the best approach for the stakeholder engagement plan of the current project?

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In the middle of the construction of a new water treatment plant, the government established more stringent water quality requirements for treatment plants.

What should the project manager do next?

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You have tasked the project team with identifying and documenting the specific activities required to produce a key project deliverable. The team’s work will result in schedule activities that can provide a basis for estimating, scheduling, executing, monitoring, and controlling the project work.

Which of the following tools and techniques is least likely to be used during this process?

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A project team is producing deliverables incrementally in order to take advantage of early revenue. The project is trending to meet all of the baselines. However, the project manager has determined that the team’s velocity has been 50 points for each of the first five sprints with an SPI of 0.83 over the same time period.

How should the project manager respond to the team’s performance?

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To plan your new project, you review the lessons learned repository and notice that although the project management processes have been properly performed on all past projects (that have been managed traditionally), the quality of deliverables was far from perfect. You want to ensure that on your project, quality issues are detected early in the project life cycle.

What can you do to achieve your goal?

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A project manager is leading a retrospective for a project that is running behind schedule and over budget. Feedback from the meeting suggests that the project manager was too focused on problem-solving and operational issues and did not effectively inspire and motivate the project team.

What could the project manager have done differently to have been more successful?

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You have developed a project schedule, but the project completion date falls beyond the deadline defined by the project sponsor. You explained this situation to the sponsor and asked them to provide you with additional funds to bring in more people, but the sponsor refused.

What can you do to shorten the project duration?

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After lengthy and thorough discussions, the change control board (CCB) rejects a change request to update the design despite the fact the project manager, who is also a member of the CCB, supports the change. The stakeholder who submitted the change request is unhappy with the decision and demands that the project manager updates the design anyway.

How should the project manager respond?

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A project has just been approved and formally chartered.

What is one of the first things the assigned project manager should do?

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A project manager has been assigned to a project that will transform a large organization from a predictive environment to agile methodologies. In its current state, the work in the organization is decomposed into departmental silos, and the employees are best described as specialized contributors.

What is the best strategy for this agile transformation?

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You are in the process of finalizing all activities for your project. As part of this process, you are preparing the final project report which includes a summary of the project performance.

Once the final report is complete, what should you do next?

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“A product owner has created a lot of epics and has started breaking them down into user stories. These high-priority user stories fulfill the definition of ready. At the iteration planning meeting, the product owner leaves after 2 hours. What should happen next?”

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 “User testing on the last product release revealed low user interest in certain features that required a significant effort to develop. The team feels demoralized, and they want to make sure their future efforts are worthwhile. Success in the next iteration is critical as the competitor product is gaining market share.

How should the team respond?”

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A client is making a lot of small, minor change requests, indicating that they are urgent and critical.

Which action should the project manager take?

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A company is losing market share to disruptive competitors with new business models. A cross-functional agile team has been formed to recommend ways to recover market share.

How can the team increase their chance of producing successful recommendations?

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A company is merging two similar projects. The extensive business processes from each project need to be merged. The team wants to optimize the merged business processes, and they hire a consultant to help them.

How can the team ensure knowledge continuity from both projects?

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A company is undergoing a global enterprise-level transformation. In 3 years, they will end 85 years of publishing books and instead offer tutored, virtual learning communities.
The first big project is to refit the factories and warehouses as film studios. The project management office (PMO) authorizes a project using a predictive life cycle, and that work begins. However, the learning community designers (key stakeholders) keep requesting design changes, which has caused delays and costly rework. With 18 months left, the team is getting nervous.

How should the project manager respond?

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A construction project to build a luxury skyscraper is coming to an end. In advance of the handoff, the management team has been trained to take charge of all aspects of maintaining the building. The lead engineer from the development team expresses concern. During construction, substantial new technologies were introduced, and the engineering team learned new skills.

What is the best way for the team to handle knowledge transfer in this case?

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A critical project to improve a customer service process has failed. Even though all the end users were trained on the new service, they rejected the change and continued using their original process.

Which of the following actions should the team take?

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A cross-functional team on Project B reports a delay in developing a prototype. The project manager believes that the cause is lack of knowledge in a specific, required skill on the team.

In which three ways can the project manager prevent this situation on future projects? (Choose THREE.)

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A customer requests a change in the technical approach for a product in development. The project manager learns about this request during a recurring project review.

How should the project manager respond?

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A financial services project will be executed by a team of three teams. Each team has unique objectives for the first phase and then will merge efforts for the second phase to deliver the product. The product owner wants it done as soon as possible. In the initial draft of the schedule, team A finishes their work in a 9-week time line, but teams B and C need 14 weeks to complete their work.

The scrum master suggests allocating resources from team A to teams B and C during weeks 10-12, to shorten the total timeline. Teams B and C agree and would like the added resources. However, team A says “no” because they need to prepare the transition plan and train staff on the product during weeks 10-14.

Which two actions should happen? (Choose two)

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A global organization is headquartered in a country that has just passed a law making it illegal for employers to contact employees outside of office hours. Because 85% of the employees live in this country, and the leadership team launched an initiative in employee wellness, the company has adopted the policy across the whole organization. However, just this weekend, the director of marketing sent an urgent email to the entire team demanding that they correct a mistake on the project prototype, ASAP! Two team members sent messages with a tone of panic to the team lead’s personal phone.

How should the team lead respond?

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A global volunteer organization operates a continuous training model to improve the knowledge of all volunteers and members. They design custom training on a wide range of topics and deliver it virtually on the third Friday of every month.
The team in charge of training brainstorms a list of ideas to check if the training is effective and adequate.

Which item on this list will help determine the effectiveness of this training?

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A government agency is concerned about the continuity of their projects. Many senior staff members who started the agency are retiring in the next 5 to 10 years. Their knowledge and experience as project managers of past and current projects will be critical to the agency’s future success.

A project manager is engaged to steer the effort. Which two options are the best ways of ensuring knowledge transfer for continuity of the agency’s projects? (Choose two)

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A government is ready to announce a new tax on sugary products to fund a healthcare program. The team is working on the first set of goals to secure buy-in from the industry stakeholders and launch a strong public campaign to support the mandate.

In which three ways can the project build a shared understanding of the project goals with public stakeholders? (Choose three)

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A highly engaged agile team is forced to halt business operations when a major crisis occurs, closing offices and requiring employees to work remotely.
Many team members who were high-performing contributors before the crisis are missing daily standups or attending meetings but turning their cameras off and not participating. Because of poor attendance, the project is not meeting sprint goals. Consequently, the project is not performing well.

Which action is the most effective way to motivate the team?

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A hotel chain wants to improve the customer loyalty program by increasing the number of returning guests by 35%. The project manager finds two strong opinions:

• Stakeholder J suggests that the sales teams focus on the top 10 corporate clients and incentivize them toward exclusive use of this hotel chain

• Stakeholder M suggests improving the quality of their airport sites, which already have a large number of repeat guests. Stakeholder M also insists the chain cannot compete in larger markets, so the strategy stakeholder J suggests will fail.

In a dramatic escalation, stakeholder M sends an email to the project manager and the entire leadership team accusing stakeholder J of having a bias.

What should the project manager do first?

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A key project resource is discussing the complexity of project deliverables with the project manager 2 weeks before the kick-off call. The resource expresses nervousness and concern regarding the deliverables.
The project manager wants to ensure that the deliverables are realistic.

What is the appropriate action to take?

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A key team member has been offered a new opportunity and will be leaving the project team. The team is looking for a replacement but is unable to find anyone with the same level of skill. This team member has been with the project since it began, which was over 1 year ago, and has a lot of knowledge and skills that other team members lack.

Which two actions should the team take to ensure project continuity? (Choose two)

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A large project team for a major annual event is reforming with all the same team members. To prepare for the preliminary meeting with the team, the newly assigned project manager reviews the lessons learned repository and sees this highlighted comment: “Team members were distracted at the live matches. The team leads were ineffective at redirecting team member effort.”

How should the project manager approach this situation?

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A medical charity organization operates in disaster emergency zones worldwide. At headquarters, the leadership wants to ensure that their practitioners’ professional licenses are compliant with governing bodies both in the practitioner’s home and in their working locations. This is a condition set by their board of directors and the charity’s legal team.

In order to facilitate the new measures, which three actions should be taken? (Choose three)

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A new product development project is to be initiated in a difficult business context. Competition is driving prices down, and supply costs are rising.

Why would an agile incremental project approach be the safest choice in this context?

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A new product is released by a company. When a customer identifies performance issues with the product, the project manager investigates and realizes that the cost of quality (COQ) methodology should have been used to estimate this cost.

Assuming the customer has identified an issue, which category of COQ should the project manager be referring to?

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A new project team is setting early priorities, and they plan to gain the customer’s trust by delivering value as quickly as possible. Team member C mentions that they have worked with the project sponsor on other projects.

How should the project manager connect these two facts and create an advantage for the project team?

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A new regulation requires consumer warnings on labels, but a company’s product package is too small to fit the additional information. The regulatory specification does NOT provide a solution, so the agile team decides to solve the problem by displaying the information on a fold-out flap. The start of mass production of the new labels, the project’s next milestone, is scheduled to begin in five days.

What should the agile team do next?

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A newly assembled project team is holding a kick-off meeting over a weekend. About half of the project team already works together; the other team members are contractors.
The company already uses lean and agile approaches. However, during the meeting, the team members openly argued about everything—from project goals to the smallest details.

Which action will help the team to build a shared understanding?

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A pharmaceutical company has manufactured its best-selling product for more than 50 years. Production has steadily increased, and the company is ready to make a significant investment to expand the business.

Leadership asks the project management team to carefully assess the risk of this expansion. What should the team focus on?

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A pharmaceutical project includes an agile team of doctors who analyze human tissue scans from drug trial patients. The CEO wants to leverage Machine Learning (ML) technology, because it is proven to be faster and more accurate than doctors in scan analysis.

How should the product owner proceed in response to the CEO’s wish?

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A product owner is collaborating with the team lead to refine the product backlog. They need a better way to prioritize the backlog because the current stakeholders could not agree while using the MoSCoW technique. The product owner decides to create a matrix and identified “value” as the first axis.

Which two items could work for the second axis? (Choose two)

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A product owner is reviewing notes from the latest stakeholder meeting.

Which two note items should the product owner consider as changes to the product backlog? (Choose two)

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A product owner receives some confidential security information that needs to be included in the definition of done or as part of the acceptance criteria.

How should the project leader categorize this requirement?

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A product team has completed 8 of 10 planned iterations for a streamlining project. While refining the backlog for iteration nine, the product owner learns about a massive, company-wide budget change and sends this email:

Dear streamlining project team,

The budget change announced yesterday will impact our project. I may need to reprioritize some of our planned work.

How should the team lead respond?

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A project manager experienced in predictive methods is taking on an agile project for the first time. To help in making a successful transition, the project manager makes a list of situations that may arise from inadequate action as a servant leader.

Which three situations would be on this list? (Choose THREE.)

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A project manager in a luggage manufacturing company is asked to explore new business opportunities and deliver three proofs of concepts (POCs) to the executive team. Sales are declining rapidly, and the company’s future is at risk. The 15 project team members are stakeholders from all over the organization, chosen for their independent thinking. They have very different points of view about which opportunities are best, and arguments are erupting openly and often.
Because of the varied points of view, the project manager adopts an agile approach to quickly build shared understanding about the work and find the best solutions to present to the executive team.

Which two approaches should the project manager consider? (Choose two)

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A project manager is having difficulty obtaining consistent input from stakeholders and needs their input to identify assumptions and constraints. How can the project manager improve stakeholder engagement?

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A project manager is in the process of creating a document that formally authorizes a building renovation project. The renovation requires the removal of asbestos insulation, which is a known carcinogen.

How might this situation influence the process currently underway?

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A project manager is working on a data center migration project and is developing the schedule management plan. The project was planned to last 40 days and the project sponsor wants it done in 35.

Which action should the project manager take to amend this schedule for the new requirement?

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A project manager is working on multiple projects. One project has new team members and is in the early stages. The other projects are in various states of execution for the next few weeks.
How can the project manager develop the new project team over the next few weeks?

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A project manager leaves the company and is replaced. The new project manager is excited to start guiding the team toward project success.

What should the new project manager do first?

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A project manager notices that team member A seems more unhappy after every team meeting. After looking into the situation, the project manager finds out that team member A is not making progress on a key activity. This has an impact on the critical path. Team member A also feels that they are NOT in the correct role within the project team.

What should the project manager do?

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A project manager receives complaints from a project sponsor because of a delay in developing a prototype. The project manager consults the resource management plan and responds that the delay was due to a lack of knowledge in a specific skill that was needed by the cross-functional project team.

How can the project manager perform this task better in the future?

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A project manager receives the following for a new project:
– Assumptions
– Restrictions
– Preliminary scope

After receiving this information, what should the project manager do first?

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A project manager shifts to an agile approach for a project with an aggressive go-to-market time line. The project manager needs to revise the stakeholder engagement plan so that it follows agile principles.

Which action should the project manager take?

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A project team is building a pedestrian sky bridge across a major river. Some technical project team members are highly experienced with mega infrastructure projects. However, the team also includes many junior trainees who have little experience. This variance in team experience is listed as a risk that could affect team working conditions and safety, as well as the project build quality.
At the team’s morning status meeting, a facilitator led a discussion about continuous improvement and asked the team how leadership and the company could help them improve.

The team listed the five following answers. Which two actions can help this team improve? (Choose two)

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A project team is set to deliver a project in 12 months. The sponsor encourages innovation, and the project has a high-risk tolerance. However, 8 months into the project, it is plagued with incomplete and failing prototypes. The highly capable team is feeling demoralized, and the project manager worries whether the deliverable will ever meet the stated acceptance criteria.

How would an adaptive life cycle have helped this project?

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A project team lead has challenged the team to minimize defects and waste in project teamwork. As an initial step, the team proposes to assess the relevant quality standards and framework.

How can the team do this?

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A project team working in a city’s transportation agency is planning the launch of a 24-hour subway service for the first time in its 120-year history. One month before the launch, a terrible electrical accident shuts down service for the whole city, causing injuries and millions of dollars of damage to the infrastructure.

What should the project manager do?

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A project that is in progress requires a resource with a specialized skill. Because of time limitations, the agile team has two options: either borrow a team member from another department who can work part-time or use an independent contractor. The eight team members discuss the options, but they are unable to reach an agreement. The vote is 50/50, and both options have positive benefits as well as risks.

What should the team do?

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A project to train kitchen personnel in process efficiencies for a restaurant franchise has a small project team of four people. It is essential that this team has a broad understanding of the franchise’s business processes so they can create training that delivers the efficiencies required across the business.

Which team member already has T-shaped skills that would be beneficial to this project?

A – Project manager with 30 years of experience leading business development projects
B – Training specialist with 10 years of experience in menu development
C – Team member with 5 years of experience leading teams, who also is scrum master
D – Team lead for finance and operations, who was once the owner/operator of a franchise

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A project will create digital keys for 18,500 employees at an airport. The project management plan states that security clearance data for employees must be verified and updated in a digital security file every 6 months. This is part of the acceptance criteria. In month 3, the project manager discovers that the company hired to maintain the digital security files has filed for bankruptcy.

Which statement describes the status of this project?

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A project’s daily standup meetings are long, often lasting more than two hours. The project team uses the standup meetings for extended discussions about solutions to project obstacles.

What should the project manager do to improve the daily standup meetings?

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A team is developing the human resource (HR) module of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. During a site visit, the client observes concerning data on the team’s information radiators. The burndown chart depicts the progress of the current 3-week iteration. The team is one-third of the way through the iteration, but the actual progress to date reflects the team is behind the planned progress.

The client expresses concern and asks the team lead to discuss it with the product owner. How should the team lead respond?

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A team lead receives an email from the product owner asking for a more precise view of actual time spent on tasks to apply more accurate business value estimates in the product backlog. The team is extremely busy, and deadlines are tight.

How should the team lead answer this request?

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A team was assigned a project to build a new insurance policy administration system. After 6 months of project work, the project sponsor expresses concern. A colleague in an unrelated company division claims the policy administration system has bugs and the team is unable to solve critical problems.

Which two options should the project manager use to prepare a response to the project sponsor? (Choose two)

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A virtual team will travel to a work site and work as a collocated team for 6 weeks in Q3 of next year to transition their project to the customer. One team member, whose role is critical to the transition, is getting married during Q3 but has not told anyone until now. This team member requested 3 weeks of holiday right before the planned team travel.

What should the project manager do?

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A week prior to the project kick-off call, a project manager meets with a key project resource to gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of the project deliverables.
The resource expresses concern and worry regarding the deliverables.

How can the project manager ensure that the deliverables are realistic?

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After months of information gathering and meeting with the community, a police force wants to design and launch an app to improve the quality of communication with members of the public, one of their critical stakeholders.

How is this an example of continuous process improvement?

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After three agile iterations showed a trend of increasingly prolonged test work, the team performed an intensive backlog refinement.

What metrics would show that the problem was effectively addressed?

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An agile innovation team is highly productive. However, the Head of Operations informs the product owner that the company is NOT getting sustainable return on investment from the team’s work.

How should the product owner address the problem?

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An agile project team previously attempted to launch a new version of streaming fitness videos in an increasingly competitive market. By the end of the last project, competitors had already launched similar products. Stakeholders were disappointed about the loss of value.

Which two actions should the team leadership have taken or done differently to avoid stakeholder dissatisfaction? (Choose two)

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An agile team has been asked to update the project artifacts because new team members are joining soon. Which two of the following should be updated? (Choose two)

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An agile team is in dire need of additional resources, so the department has decided to add another agile team. A few teams are possible candidates, so management decides on using a performance test to decide which team to add for 10 iterations.

Who should be responsible for hiring the new team?

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An agile team member has an extremely varied skill set and performs their work well on projects. This team member has been allocated to many different roles during their work history at the company. For this reason, the team member states, “I feel like I am put on projects randomly. I am not getting anywhere, and the company does not value my work.”

What should the team lead do?

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An agile team needs to decide who should represent them in the Scrum of Scrums.

Which criteria should a project manager use to select the best-suited team member?

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An agile team needs to decide who should represent them in the Scrum of Scrums.

Which option should be used to select the best-suited team member?

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An agile team welcomes a new team member who is unfamiliar with the agile approach. At the weekly demo meeting, this team member becomes visibly nervous when an operations engineer, who often criticized their previous work, appears unexpectedly and gives very direct feedback about the prototype. After the meeting, the new team member leaves the room quickly.

How should the team respond? (Choose two)

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An established farm is struggling to maintain profitability and plans to integrate an agro-tourism project to expand the business. They hire a project manager and personnel and initiate a project. The new team members will be shared resources for both the farm and the playground project. The farm needs to continue generating cash flow to support operations until the project is integrated–in 8 months.
By the second month, the project manager learns that farm production performance has decreased drastically because the project takes up a lot of the team’s time.

Which two approaches should the project manager consider providing the best chance for the business to succeed and produce the desired outcomes? (Choose two)

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An experienced software developer is asked to lead a project for a customized software application for a client they have worked with previously. About 2 months into the project, the client wants to know how change is being managed and wants to see the project management plan. The team lead tells the client that this is an agile project; therefore, there is no project management plan! The client escalates this issue to the sponsor.

How should the sponsor respond to the client?

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An organization’s policy states any change requested on a project that exceeds a certain amount and/or complexity must adhere to the organizational policy and procedures.
The project manager just received an urgent change request (CR) from the customer, and they want it added to the change control board (CCB) agenda scheduled for tomorrow. However, the CR is incomplete.

What should the project manager do?

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As part of an organizational change program, an experienced project manager with agile experience and certification is hired by a company with a strong predictive culture.

Which two actions can the project manager take to start helping the company adopt agile methodologies? (Choose TWO.)

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At the beginning of a customer service improvement project, two stakeholders are noted as “resistant” on the stakeholder engagement assessment matrix (SEAM):
• A finance executive who says the cost of the project is too high
• The customer care team that wants better salaries and working conditions.

All other stakeholders support the project.
After months of difficult negotiations, the customer care stakeholder group is now noted as “neutral,” though final agreements must be signed; this is ongoing and will take significant time and effort. The finance executive continues to state that the cost of the project is too high.

What should the project manager do?

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Company H is completing a merger and has acquired several valuable assets from company Z that require specialist care, including intellectual property rights and museum artifacts. The team is conflicted about what to do, but the product owner has identified knowledge transfer—to ensure the new organization can maintain the collections properly—as one of the highest priorities for the merger.

Which two of the following actions should the team take? (Choose two)

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During a busy period of organizational change, team members on project L are allocated as follows:

• 60% of working hours – project L
• 20% of working hours – company-wide organizational change project
• 20% of working hours – functional role

Project L is progressing according to schedule and budget, but a few minor quality factors are being neglected. The project manager is prioritizing on-time delivery and the very dedicated team asks about working overtime to improve quality.

How should the project manager respond?

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During a sprint review, the team identified successful gains on planned improvements while noting that a lot more development and testing is required. The product owner wants to report on the business value of the work.

Which action should the team take to assist the product owner with validating business value?

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During an agile project, key stakeholders are expressing concerns about their lack of involvement. They feel disconnected from the project. The product owner agrees with these concerns and wishes to do something quickly. The iteration is coming to an end.

What would be a good way to engage the key stakeholders at this stage?

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During user testing, a client agrees to the final product. One day later, the client indicates that the final product MAY NOT be acceptable.

What should be the project manager’s first step for resolving this issue?

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Leaders of high-performing project teams __________ team members’ skills and knowledge and keep team members __________ throughout the project.
Fill in the blanks with the correct set of responses.

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Most of an agile team’s members are away for a month, but the project needs to make progress. The project manager outsources the work to overseas contractors to work remotely on the stories. In their first sprint, the overseas team did NOT understand certain usability requirements, but still managed to complete five (5) stories that were previously blocked because the original team could NOT handle the algorithmic complexity of the work.

What should the project manager do in this situation to make progress on the project?

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Over the past six months, the development cost per story has risen by more than 250% due to a faulty platform which is NO longer supported. The product vision highlights unique features of the platform as a pre-requisite for the product.

What should the project manager do to determine next steps?

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Owners of a small luxury travel magazine want to expand their services to provide bookings for readers’ dream holidays. They commit 15% of the company’s annual profit over 3 years to develop and launch the service. The company creates a high-level vision statement and objectives and key results (OKRs), which they hand over to a consulting company.

Which approach and initial scope decision is suitable for this project to begin work?

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Project team members are concerned that a new resource does NOT seem suitable for an assigned task.

How should the project manager respond to this concern?

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The agile team excels at solving technical problems, but when the product owner requests creative or business-related ideas, the team falls silent.

Is this a problem?

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The agile team has identified a lot of risks and issues, but the notes seem to be a bit unclear. Which two of the following are risks? (Choose two)

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The agile team is composed of highly skilled product design engineers. Their reputation for quality and speed has earned them new duties in concept development for new products, but team output in this new role has fallen steeply compared to their design work.

Which two measures are most effective to improve team productivity in this case? (Choose TWO.)

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The agile team will take over from another supplier to maintain a client’s website. The team notices that recent browser changes imply that most of the website’s existing content would now require users to install a plug-in.

How should the agile team move forward?

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The last three agile iterations showed a trend of increasingly prolonged test work.

Which activity should the project manager plan to address the root cause?

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The marketing director is displeased that the agile innovation team is producing too many novelty products with too little business value.

Which two approaches should the project manager take to correct the team’s approach? (Choose TWO).

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The Project Management Office wants to offer constant reporting across the dozens of agile projects running concurrently. They want to use information radiators to share progress status and key lessons learned.

How can this best be achieved?

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The project manager receives a progress report showing that the agile project is NOT on track. Since all work was deliberately selected and sequenced to meet higher-level objectives, the project manager is surprised by the report.

In the future, how can the project manager prevent this type of miscommunication?

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The quarterly results show that competitors are driving prices down. The company is losing market share and midway into a product development project, it appears the sponsoring unit is not likely to get return on their investment.

Which two actions should the project manager take to adapt the project to these new conditions?  (Choose TWO).

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The success of an ongoing agile project is measured as follows:

2-week          Stories           Stories          Planned         Earned
      Sprint          Planned       Completed       Value             Value

            1                 15                   10               450K               300K
2                 20                   18               600K               540K
3                 20                   25               800K             1000K
4                 22                   25             1100K             1250K

What two (2) conclusions can be drawn from these figures? (Choose two)

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To prepare for this year’s major international sporting event which will be broadcasted live on every continent, the project manager arranges professional media training for key members of the project team and stakeholders. Stakeholder A, who is outspoken and extremely active in the media, is not taking the training class seriously. The facilitator reports the issue by email, stating “I can’t work with this trainee anymore!”

What should the project manager do?

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When reviewing the issue log, the project manager finds a new entry indicating that additional fencing is needed to address ground security risks on the project. After reviewing the risk register, she finds ground security among the risks identified during project planning. She wants to address the risk but is not sure if the project has enough funds to cover it.

Which data analysis technique can be used to make this determination?

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While monitoring the progress of the agile team, the project manager notices that an expert member’s output is much lower compared with that of junior team members. This is a surprise, as the expert works diligently on the most complex tasks and always produces defect-free results.

Which is the most likely explanation for the developer’s low output?

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You are leading a road construction project. Increasing crude oil prices have driven up the cost of asphalt for your project by 25%. This risk was identified and analyzed during project planning with funds set aside in case the risk is realized. The cost baseline is safe for now, but you feel additional price increases may be incurred before the project is completed.

What should you do next?

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A project team is small, and the team members have known each other for a long time. The team’s project is in the execution stage. Recently, a team member told the new project manager that another team member has been complaining about how the project is being managed.

How should this new project manager respond?

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A project manager needs stakeholder involvement in order to identify strategic and operational assumptions and constraints. Unfortunately, the project manager is having difficulty obtaining consistent input due to lack of participation.

In which two ways can the project manager encourage the stakeholder to participate and collaborate? (Choose TWO.)

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An R&D executive, who is a project stakeholder, occasionally visits the agile team’s work area to give instructions about urgent feature work. The team begins work. During sprint reviews, the product owner becomes upset that the team worked on the requested features.

How should the team address the problem?

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A Scrum innovation team is funded at varying levels by six (6) market units. Four (4) niche market units complain they are neglected because the team prioritizes mainstream unit goals. The marketing director suggests devoting a constant 40% of the team effort to the four (4) niche units in a balanced way.

How can the team support this request?

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An efficient, empowered agile innovation team does NOT understand why required approvals from the legal department are allowed to delay their progress. Eventually, the team confronts the product owner in a heated exchange. The product owner replies that the approvals are needed to check for existing patents, which would block the product from going to market.

How should a project manager prevent such conflicts?

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