PRINCE2 Foundation Exam 2

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam 2

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Which product identifies how often stakeholders require information?

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Which is a minimum requirement when applying the business case theme?

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Which theme provides all management levels within the project management team with mechanisms for monitoring and control?

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If a project is part of a programme, which ‘starting up a project’ process activities are MOST likely to be reduced or eliminated?

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Which are advantages of a clear end to a project? 1. No further costs will be incurred by the project 2. Project products will be transferred to operations and support 3. All benefits will have been achieved 4. The project brief will be re-baselined

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Which is a key decision made during the ‘directing a project’ process?

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Which level of management sets the project level tolerances?

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Which is a purpose of the ‘starting up a project’ process?

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Which is a purpose of a lessons log?

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Which statement describes the ‘Implement’ step within the recommended risk management procedure?

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Which role is responsible for documenting tailoring of the ‘quality’ theme?

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Where should a team manager look for information about the quality required for a product?

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What is an advantage of applying the ‘learn from experience’ principle?

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What is a goal of the ‘implement’ step within the recommended risk management procedure?

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Identify the missing words in the following sentence. Project assurance personnel [?] the project manager.

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Which product is created in the ‘starting up a project’ process to define and confirm the scope of the project?

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Which are objectives of the ‘managing a stage boundary’ process? 1. To control the link between the people managing the project and the people producing the products 2. To approve requests for change received during the completed stage 3. To provide information to the project board on the performance of the current stage 4. To review and, if necessary, update the project management team structure and role descriptions

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Which principle helps to ensure that all changes to the outputs are agreed?

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Identify the missing word in the following sentence. [?] is the measurable decline resulting from a negative outcome.

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How does PRINCE2 ensure that the specific management needs of an organization are met?

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Which risk response is applied on a pain/gain basis?

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What is an advantage of applying the ‘manage by stages’ principle?

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