Business soft skills courses

Business Soft skills are crucial for achieving accomplishments in the workplace, lot of people find these skills to be a hindrance to their progress. They struggle to convey their thoughts and ideas in an accurate manner, making it difficult to succeed and nearly impossible to lead well. However, there is a way to refine these skills and have the appropriate knowledge to perform effectively. PMOBytes has launched the below two modules for design thinking and effective communication skills to help professionals practice and improve their interpersonal skills with highly qualified successful consultants.   Our courses are completely activity based and will ensure students get the required hands-on knowledge to improve their soft skills.



Design Thinking

This course gives participants an understanding of the factors that contribute towards solving critical business problems in an innovative manner. It will provide participants a customer oriented mindset which will assist them to think laterally and create products and services as per the consumer needs. With the completion of this design thinking course, participants will have the ability to create an intelligent change, a change from making people want things to making things which people want.


Effective Communication Skills

This course gives participants an understanding of the factors that contribute to effective communication in a variety of business situations. Provides a solid foundation and interpersonal soft skills for enhancing relationships, especially within a workplace environment. It covers aspects of leadership skills with being productive with teams and skills to resolve business conflicts in a positive manner.

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