Team workload optimization for a client in Qatar Stock Exchange industry

Problem Statement

Our client is one of the leading online trading platform established for more than 5 years part of the stock exchange brokerage management in Qatar.  They were seeking to improve the shortcomings in traditional style of IT Software Development life cycle (SLDC) management and also to achieve optimum team workload utilization. They had already implemented Atlassian products like JIRA software but were seeking further consultancy to improve their resource management and their employees performance rewarding system. 

It was a clear fact that the traditional way involved more human involvement to assign and calculate overall team performances. The team workload wasn’t balanced and client was lacking an automated rewarding system for the high performers. They wanted the system to measure the work performance and then managers are able to validate the developers efforts in terms of number of issues resolved and enhancement worked during a particular period to reward them.


Our Atlassian team got involved with a number of sessions to understand and optimize the work process first. Each developer’s capacity was analysed based on the work load to find the right balance for an appropriate utilization. 

Automated system scripts were discussed to define a logic for a reward system based on better team performance.  

Atlassian team of consultants and solution architects undertook the Agile Framework with Atlassian Best Practices with some of the Marketplace plugins to formulate the overall solution. In addition, we also trained Project Management Teams and Project Owners to run projects more efficiently and effectively than previously. 


With the current stack of Atlassian products, it was discovered that more plug-ins were required to get the resource management from a manual to an automated way that is integrated with the work processes. Team implemented plug-ins like Tempo planner, Big-Picture and Tempo Timesheets to enable better resource optimization and team rewarding system.  

Tempo planner

  1. Helped in identifying capacity problems early in the planning process.
  2.  Assisted in accessing a snapshot of all resources’ statuses, plans, commitments.
  3.  Streamlined communication via centralized workspace.
  4. Allocated resources for high-impact initiatives while ensuring workloads are balanced and realistic.

Implemented Big-Picture

  1.  Identified interdependencies to smartly allocate resources, and automate laborious tasks
  2. Analysed the availability of the resources (teams and skills) 
  3. Assigned and scheduled particular tasks, and update capacities automatically.

Implemented Tempo Timesheets

  1.  Tempo’s embedded time tracking and planning solutions in Jira provided the insights client needed for planning, allocating and adjusting their team resources.
  2. Resource Planning views were generated to quickly see the current and future state of all projects and resources
  3. Enabled the client’s manager to review and approve their team’s timesheets, in bulk or individually.

PMOBytes support Services

The plug-ins were further optimized with the support services to ensure the rewarding logic was integrated and automated for the client’s management team. Post the implementation, stabilization period of three months was defined to regularly review the entire was working as expected and all defined problems were effectively resolved.

Final words

Implementation was a great success with client fully satisfied with our team’s consultancy. It gave them great benefits from the solution implemented that enhanced overall client’s team performance. It also provided them an efficient way to manage the developers to deliver the company’s business applications faster with maximum value.

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