PRINCE2 Foundation Exam 6

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam 6

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Which two statements are CORRECT about the minimum requirements for applying the
change theme?
1. Identified issues must be assessed for their impact on the business justification for the
2. Project issues must be captured, examined and managed throughout the project
3. The actual status of products must be verified to ensure that this matches the
authorized state.
4. A budget must be established to pay for requests for change and their analysis.

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What should be defined to determine the boundaries of delegated authority in accordance with the “manage by exception” principle?

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Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
If a baselined product requires alteration, the recommended [ ? ] procedure, or equivalent procedure should be used.

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Which statement correctly describes project assurance and quality assurance?

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How is it determined whether a project has achieved its objectives?

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PRINCE2 mandates that the project board represents the primary stakeholder interests. Which principle does this follow?

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Which two statements about the ‘continued business justification’ principle are CORRECT?
1. The business justification for a project should be documented.
2. The project manager should be responsible for the business justification.
3. A project must be stopped if the business justification changes.
4. Compulsory projects still require business justification.

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Identify the missing words in the following sentence.
Any change to the products agreed at the start of a stage is monitored as part of the [ ? ] process, on a day-to-day basis.

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Which document is used to identify interested parties that need to be informed of project closure?

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Which statement about controls is CORRECT?

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Which is a phase in the suggested planning process outlined by PRINCE2?

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When might the “controlling a stage” process be applied?

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Which is a responsibility of the team manager role?

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By implementing the “tailor to suit the project” principle, what is likely to be avoided?

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Which is a purpose of the ‘controlling a stage’ process?

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Which describes the ‘implement’ step within the recommended risk management procedure?

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What is risk probability?

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What makes a project a PRINCE2 project?

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Which is a responsibility of the business representative on the project board?

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What benefit does using the ‘learn from experience’ principle offer?

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Which is a minimum requirement for applying the quality theme?

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Who is responsible for documenting any tailoring of work packages?

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If a work package is forecast to exceed its tolerances, how should a team manager inform the project manager?

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Which of the following is a necessary condition for applying the risk theme?

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Which is an objective of the ‘initiating a project’ process?

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Which product provides the version number of all products in a particular stage?

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Which two statements describe a highlight report?
1. It provides a summary of the stage status.
2. It is used by the project board to monitor the progress of the stage and project.
3. It is produced by the project manager when a new risk is identified.
4. It is used by the project manager to escalate an exception.

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Which process provides the project board with the information it requires in order to commit resources to the project?

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Which is a purpose of the business case theme?

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Which is a purpose of the quality theme?

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Which is a responsibility of the change authority?

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Which role is responsible for the management of a risk assigned to it?

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Which theme establishes mechanisms to monitor and compare actual achievements against those planned?

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What information must be included in the project initiation documentation to comply with the minimal standards for utilizing the progress theme?

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Which two statements about the risk theme are CORRECT?
1. It identifies how to manage risks at the corporate programme management or customer level of an organization.
2. It aims to support better decision-making through a good understanding of threats and opportunities.
3. It explains the risk management activities to use to improve the chances of a project delivering its objectives.
4. It identifies, assesses and controls approved changes to the baseline.

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Which of the following is a supplier’s responsibility in a customer/supplier relationship?

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Which is a purpose of the ‘starting up a project’ process?

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What takes place during the ‘closing a project’ process?

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Identify the missing word in the following sentence.
A management stage can be longer when risk is [ ? ], typically in the middle of projects.

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What does applying the ‘manage by stages’ principle ensure?

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Which is a purpose of a quality management approach?

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Which is a purpose of the plans theme?

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Which statement describes the ‘directing a project’ process?

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When should the team manager produce a checkpoint report?

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Which is a minimum requirement for applying the organization theme?

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Which is an objective of the ‘managing a stage boundary’ process?

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Which is a characteristic of a project?

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Which roles should NOT be combined?

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Which is a feature of PRINCE2?

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How does the “focus on products” principle be supported by specifying a product’s quality requirements?

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When should the ‘managing a stage boundary’ process be undertaken?

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Which process aims to ensure that during the project all parties understand the project objectives?

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How is the project initiation documentation used during the ‘closing a project’ process?

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Which is a minimum requirement for applying the business case theme?

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In which process is authorization given to deliver the project’s products?

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What should be provided by a project mandate?

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Which statement about project stakeholders is CORRECT?

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Which management stages must a PRINCE2 project consist of, as a minimum?

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Identify the missing words in the following sentence. The management of information security incidents usually requires [?].

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What is a project outcome?

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