PRINCE2 – Practitioner Exam 3

PRINCE2 – Practitioner Exam 3

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The work package to produce the ‘updated corporate quality procedures’ was created during stage 3. Before accepting the work package, the team manager produces the team plan and finds that the expected delivery date is unrealistic. As a result, the project manager agrees an extra two weeks to complete the work package, within the current stage tolerance. The work package is then accepted by the team manager.
Is this an appropriate application of the ‘manage product delivery’ process, and why?

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Stage 2 is in progress. While producing the team plan, the team manager responsible for the work package to develop the ‘classroom-based training material’ discovered that the representatives assigned to check the products were unsuitable.
Which action should the team manager take in response?

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The project is in stage 3. Zero time tolerance has been given for this stage. When checking progress, the project manager noticed that the checkpoint report from the external supplier of the ‘e-learning course’ is late. As work package progress information is missing, the project manager has decided to raise an exception report.
Is this an appropriate action, and why?

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The project board has asked user and supplier assurance to review all product descriptions relating to the ‘updated corporate quality procedures’, prior to authorizing the stage plan for stage 3.
Is this appropriate as part of the ‘directing a project’ process, and why?

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Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
The Learn from Experience principle suggests that lessons should be actively sought…

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Which of the following principles describes this statement?
“xxx defines tolerances for each project objective to establish limits of delegated authority”

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Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding the Continued Business Justification?

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Which of the following principles uses Product Descriptions to provide clarity by defining each product’s purpose, composition, derivation, format, quality criteria and quality method?

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Which statement best explains the purpose of Tailor to suit the project environment?

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The Work Package has been in progress for four weeks and has four weeks remaining. The Information Technology Team Manager is concerned that he has no idea what the service provider is doing about preparing to accept the transfer of Information Technology equipment and staff. He is uncertain about what should be happening.
Which 2 initial actions should the Team Manager take in response to this concern?

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The Team Manager has received notification that the new hardware and software solution has been installed and completed, but there is a concern that it has not been approved by the appropriate people.
Which 2 actions should the Team Manager take to check that the completed products have been approved as required?

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Two weeks after starting work the Team Manager noticed that each completed product had exceeded its estimated effort by around 10%. If this trend continues the Work Package will exceed its agreed cost tolerance of 5%.
Which 2 actions should the Team Manager take in response to this situation?

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The chair of a quality review meeting advised the Team Manager that, because there were so many major issues, the product had been rejected. The presenter estimated that the corrections would take about two weeks. The re-assessment of the product will take a further week, resulting in a three-week delay. The Work Package only has one week tolerance.
Which 2 actions should the Team Manager take in response to this situation?

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While producing the Team Plan to deliver the agreed Work Package, it became apparent that the user representatives assigned 10 check some of the products were unsuitable.
Which 2 actions should the Team Manager take in response to this situation?

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During a work package the Team manager needs to keep the project manager informed, which management product is used for this?

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During Executing a Work package, specialist products are created and quality reviews are carried out – which management product captures the details of these reviews?

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Which activity is responsible for updating the stage plan with actual during Controlling a Stage?

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Which of the following is NOT a trigger for the project manager to authorize a work package?

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Which management product do the Project Board use to decide whether to authorize initiation?

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When does Directing a Project begin?

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The senior user is concerned that the trainers’ limited availability could delay their accreditation. This was discussed during the ‘starting up a project’ process, but during the ‘initiating a project’ process the project manager notices that it has not been recorded.
Which action should the project manager take FIRST?

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During stage 3, the team manager reports that the work to update the ‘corporate quality procedures’ has been completed and the product is ready to be delivered.
What should project assurance do next?

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During the ‘starting up a project’ process, the project manager discusses the standard model for course development with the executive. The project manager then assesses how the Health and Safety Training Project will be delivered, including what products should be delivered in each stage.
Is this an appropriate way to carry out the ‘plan the initiation stage’ activity, and why?

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Which project controls should be established for the Outsourcing project?

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While preparing the Quality Management Strategy, the Project Manager noticed that the corporate quality management system does not specifically cover project management.
Which option provides an appropriate way for the Project Manager proceed?

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While preparing the Configuration Management Strategy, the Project Manager considered the options for change control. He decided to recommend a change budget of ֲ£250k, but was undecided on the Change Authority to recommend.
Which option is an appropriate Change Authority for the Outsourcing project?

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While preparing the Risk Management Strategy, the Project Manager considered the commercial customer/supplier environment and how this may affect the management of risk. Which approach should the Outsourcing project adopt?

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While planning the initiation stage, the Project Manager reviewed some threats that had been recorded in the Daily Log.
Which threat should have been assessed for possible risk responses to be included in the Initiation Stage Plan?

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While deciding on how the work of the project should be approached the following were considered.
Which statement is appropriate for inclusion in the project approach heading in the Project Brief?

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While capturing previous lessons, the Project Manager discovered several interesting facts about outsourcing.
Which fact is an appropriate lesson for the Outsourcing project?

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During stage 1 the level of performance expected from the service provider was changed.
After this change was agreed which of these products will require updating?

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Which statement is an appropriate entry for the project approach heading within the Project Brief?

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Which statement is an appropriate entry for the outline Business Case heading within the Project Brief?

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Which statement is an appropriate entry for the Lessons Log?

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Who is responsible for the initial creation of the Configuration Item records?

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Which other management product is created when the Business case is updated during Initiating a Project?

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Which of the following is NOT an objective of Initiating a Project?

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During which of the following activities is the Project Product Description created?

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Who is responsible for appointing the Project Manager?

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Starting Up a project is triggered by which of the following?

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Who is responsible for confirming stage and project progress against agreed tolerances?

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The project is part of a program to increase the number of ABC courses that respond to legislation. The program manager has instructed the project manager to deliver the ‘e-learning course’ incrementally. The project manager has asked the program manager how often the highlight reports are required, and what format the reports should be presented in.
Is this an appropriate approach to controlling progress, and why?

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