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Atlassian Product Implementation in Government Entity Case Study

Problem Statement

Government Entities had a huge pressure to have all FIFA related projects delivered and completed on time. Our Client being one of the biggest Government entities had the similar pressure and were seeking a solution to organize all their FIFA related portfolios, programs, projects in a central location where all dependencies are tracked for efficient completion through simple management dashboards. 

The Ministry was in search of a professional services provider to access their current Atlassian products and guide them on best practices for optimal configuration, as well as best practices for IT and SDLC processes. 


To address these concerns and to advise our client on next steps, we proposed a four-weeks POC(Proof of Concept). We took into consideration the Atlassian Stack, which the client utilized and owned, to determine a holistic approach and build a complete value proposition to achieve the requirements. 

We provided a process assessment examining not only Jira Software, but Jira Service Management, BigPicture Plugin and Asset Management capabilities as well as the additional data provided by other systems to help establish best practices. We presented recommendations that, if implemented, will improve overall management dashboard capabilities regarding Portfolio, Programs and Projects.

We also presented importing MS Project existing client based schedules in a Jira Software online Gantt format to track critical timelines to have the projects completed on-time.

How did we figure out the right technology?

The Ministry was given hands-on training and access to the Proof of Concept to ensure the related solution is the right technology stack for them. We worked together for 4 weeks post the solution configuration to demo the management dashboard capabilities to multiple stakeholders. 

From the feedbacks, the system was further configured for additional fields, workflow, scripts to ensure all business requirements were successfully implemented.

Jira software.

Here is a short description of how Jira software and service management was helpful in the success of the Proof of concept. Jira software out of the box was able to quickly organize all client projects in a simple manner with configurable dashboards. Dashboards were configured on the instantly based for the client feedbacks. 


Jira Service Management organized all the support tickets and seamlessly integrated with Jira software to provide the users single access to both functions. 

Agile boards from Jira Software further helped the teams gain visibility and enhanced collaboration.  Also, the workflow engine and Script Runner assisted in getting business processes aligned to the solution for a  better service. 


With our analysis and recommendations, our client is ready to more efficiently utilize their Atlassian applications to automate and accelerate processes across their company. By configuring the software to reflect their workflow and leveraging additional add-ons and training, our client gains the tools necessary to increase throughput and see an exponential return on their technology investment. 

Working with us on the POC, our client got not only the roadmap, but also the validation they needed to standardize their Atlassian processes in a sustainable, measurable, and profitable way. Client gained the required visibility into their projects, programs and portfolios in an effective manner.

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