P3O-Foundation Sample 1

P3O-Foundation Sample 1

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What are suitable sizing choices for a P3O?
1. by budget
2. by COE
3. by Size
4. by Function

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Which is an example of a support/enabling activity in the P3O Value Matrix?

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Where should the standard techniques of a P3O be recorded?

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Which statements regarding P3O assurance functions and services is FALSE?

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Whose role involves the requirement to establish and sustain strong connections with every aspect of the organization?

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Which of the Best Management Practice principles for extracting value helps answer the question ‘Are we getting the business benefits?’

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There are 4 different P3O models proposed by P3O Guidance. To which is this statement below a feature?

‘Provides the benefit of scalability for large organizations and supports business ownership by maintaining a level of decentralization’.

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Which function or service should be provided by a COE?

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Which management positions are most likely to be responsible for determining the viability of implementing a P3O?

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Which should be the responsibility of the P3O Sponsor role?

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Which of the following would be examples of P3O KPI’s

  1. 20 percent of all capital projects completing in Q4 will be within 10 percent of budget and timescale
  2. The COE has a database of standards that could be used by project managers
  3. Spend on short-term contractors in Q1 will be less than £25,000 (by matching delivery to organization capacity)
  4. 70 percent of projects completing in Q1 will have benefits tracked against the benefits realization plan and will be reported on monthly

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Which is MOST likely to be used as an individual tool?

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Which of these options is an abbreviation for “P3M3”?

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Which of the following assists in identifying the current state of P3O services provided?

  1. Analyzing recent issues
  2. Understanding the problems that need to be solved
  3. Reviewing P3Os in other organizations
  4. Analyzing the results of reviews

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Which elements would be excluded from the blueprint of a P3O?

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Which action is recommended when implementing a P3O model?

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Which statements about Key Performance Indicators for a P3O is true?

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Which is NOT created as part of the ‘Deliver’ process within the permanent P3O implementation lifecycle?

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What does a P3O model provide to support the principle of ‘govern effectively’?

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Which P3O capability is MOST likely to reduce project delays?

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Why is it necessary to bring portfolio-level concerns, which have been escalated from programs, to the attention of senior management?

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Which are the objectives of a COE?

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What is an accurate way to describe the primary functions of a high-level P3O model?

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What type of facilitated workshop is held for the purpose of identifying threats and opportunities?

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Which are functional roles?

  1. Planning and estimating role
  2. Resource management role
  3. Finance role
  4. Benefits and value role

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Where should an Organization Portfolio Office ultimately report?

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Suggestions are made by the P3O Guidance as to how you could consider the functions and services that may be offered. What is being considered by the statement below?

‘You may find you are delivering services better delivered by other departments’.

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Which of the following Key Performance Indicators provide evidence of the performance improvements delivered by a P3O?

  1. Increased programme and project success rates
  2. Improved portfolio balance
  3. Increased organizational resource capacity
  4. Enhanced contribution to the Benefits Realization Plan

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Which P3O capability is the most likely to result in the most significant risk reduction for project failure or delivery delays?

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Which skill or experience must the Head of an Organization Portfolio Office have?

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Which of the following statements about the development of the Blueprint is not true?

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Which of the following are created within the ‘Identify ‘ process in the permanent P3O model lifecycle?

  1. Outline of the future state vision of the P3O
  2. Team structure for the on-going operation of the P3O
  3. Initial justification of the investment in the P3O
  4. Assessment of the current state of P3O services

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In a small Organization the P3O model may be implemented by which of the following?

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What tool links projects to benefits, outcomes and strategy?

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The Best Management Practice principles for extracting value from programme and project investment are as follows:

  • Govern effectively
  • Hold people to account
  • Prioritize investment, align and adjust to business strategy
  • Safeguard value
  • Invest in people and process
  • Track progress through highlight and exception-based reporting

Which of these principles ‘Provide standard role descriptions and terms of reference for boards’?

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‘P3O tools enable improved collaboration between programme team members working in different locations. Which key strategic benefit does this capability contribute towards?

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Which outcome results from the P3O capability of “providing ongoing alignment of programmes and projects with strategic objectives and targets?

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What functional roles can also take on asset management?

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What is a crucial element for success when implementing standard tools within a P3O?

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What tool links information in a hierarchical manner for multiple business change initiatives?

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Which of the following would a portfolio progress/change delivery committee find most useful?

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Which statement describes a P3O model with hub and spoke offices?

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Which of the following statements regarding the development of the Blueprint is incorrect?

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What office within a P3O model needs staff members with investment management and strategic planning skills?

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Which method employs communities of practice to disseminate knowledge sharing?

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Which is a strategic planning function that a Portfolio Office should carry out?

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What kind of facilitated workshop is conducted with the aim of pinpointing potential risks and advantages?

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What part of Business Change Governance answers the question ‘Are we doing the right things?’

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Which in the following statement regarding P3O assurance functions and services is FALSE?

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What is the sequence for the processes of the permanent P3O model implementation lifecycle

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What skill or background is necessary for someone to be the Head of an Organization Portfolio Office?

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Which is a critical success factor when introducing standard tools to a P3O?

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The design of the P3O model (a key input into the blueprint) should address:

1 – The project management processes to be used

2 – How many separate offices there should be

3 – The P3O model to be deployed

4 – The functions and services to be offered by the P3O

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Which of the following statements about processes for an existing temporary office are true?

  1. Defined information flows for the supported programme should be
  2. Resources within the Portfolio Office should be

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Which of the following statements are purposes of the Programme Specialist role?

  1. Assist in defining an appropriate level of governance at the beginning of a programme
  2. Assist in the implementation of good programme management practice
  3. Play a proactive role in the promotion of programme management methods
  4. Improve programme monitoring by collecting and maintaining data in a consistent form

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What role implements procedures to collect data in a consistent format for programmes they support?

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Which of the following statement is true?

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What types of office does a P3O typically consist of?

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Which is NOT a P3M3 process perspective?

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Which stakeholder group is MOST likely to receive portfolio level reports?

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How does the utilization of P3O tools enhance ‘what-if analysis,’ and what major strategic advantage does this offer?

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What is a Programme Office?

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Which of the following is an appropriate cost model for a P3O?

  1. Fully absorbed costs
  2. Discounted Cash Flow
  3. Cost allocation – forecasted usage
  4. Cost allocation – actual usage

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Which describes how a successful P3O model should operate?

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Which statement describes a minimum improvement target for measuring the success of a P3O model?

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Which is a section in a Blueprint?

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Which roles must be able to establish effective working relationships with people across all levels in the organization?

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Which users of P3O services are MOST likely to need reassurance that change initiatives will be delivered with minimal disruption to operational plans?

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Which is an enabling activity in the P3O Value Matrix?

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Which organizational factors have LEAST influence on the choice of P3O model?

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Which is true of the Planning role, the Finance role, the Issue role and the Change Control role?

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Which describes the treatment of information to comply with confidentiality, integrity, and availability in Information Assurance?

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What are the missing words represented by [?] in the following statement which is describing the decision support role of a Portfolio Office?

‘Identify [?] and evaluate the true implications of the aggregate level of programme and project risk’.

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Which of the following are attributes of gated reviews?

  1. Are undertaken at key decision points in a programme or project
  2. Assess how a programme is performing compared with its objectives
  3. Establish the Key Performance Indicators for a programme or project
  4. Check the quality of decision support information provided

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Which office is primarily focused on the organization’s capability to achieve its strategic goals by addressing potential risks?

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