CAPM Sample Exam 2

CAPM Sample Exam 2

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A business analyst in a technology company has created a business case for developing a new company brand aimed at smartphone products for customers in the 65 to 85-year-old demographic. The company plans to launch the new brand within the next 2 years and has authorized several related projects. The initiative includes unique marketing, hardware design, and software development using artificial intelligence (AI) to assist users.

Which type of organizational concept is this?

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A software development project with a fixed budget and tight schedule is in the execution phase. The project team identifies a potential security vulnerability in the software that could lead to data breaches if not addressed promptly. This vulnerability was not initially identified during the project planning phase.

What is the best way to categorize the security vulnerability in this scenario?

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Which of the following best describes the difference between organizational change management and change control?

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An environmental conservation project is working to restore an ecosystem. Which of the following is a product deliverable in this project?

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What is the difference between a milestone and a task duration?

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Which statement correctly describes the intention and practice of lessons learned correctly?

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Which option distinguishes correctly between the roles of a project manager and a project sponsor?

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A group of project managers is discussing a senior executive’s recent presentation on being leaders rather than managers.

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A project team is in the middle of a timeboxed iteration. A project manager has decision-making authority, and the team works autonomously on tasks. A technical issue arises that will potentially affect quality.

Which action should the project team take?

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The project management plan specifies that an appropriate development approach has been selected to produce the project deliverables.

Where in the project life cycle will the overall project risk be the lowest?

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A project manager for a software project is creating a schedule. Which three actions should the project manager take? (Choose 3)

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A project manager is decomposing the scope of a project to scrap a squadron of submarines. Where will the project manager record details about the deliverables, activities, and scheduling information for each component of work?

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A project to resurface a city’s roads and upgrade all the bus stops with solar panels is scheduled to last for 2 years. The total budget allocated by the city is US$2 million.

After 6 months, the project manager wants to know the value of the work completed since the start of the project. Which metric is required?

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A project team is working on a 6-month software project with a budget of US$150,000. After 3 months, the team assesses the project's progress. At this point, the team determines that US$70,000 worth of work has been completed, but the planned value for this stage was US$75,000.

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A hybrid development team is working on a complex Internet of Things (IoT) solution, and the project manager observes a characteristic that exemplifies positive agile team dynamics.

Which of the following is that characteristic?

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A project to build a parking garage is using a predictive development approach. Toward the end of the project, the project manager wants to run a few iterations to test traffic flow and capacity and has asked the team to plan four timeboxed iterations based on information in the work breakdown structure (WBS).

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In a daily standup, the following conversation takes place. Which team member’s statement is in the correct format for standups?

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An agile project team is working with a very busy key stakeholder, who does not respond to emails and communications right away.

How can the team align this stakeholder with the project team’s way of working?

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A junior team member joined a team working in a Scrum environment. The project team is coaching the new team member and has delegated the simplest tasks for planning the next iteration.

Which two tasks should the junior team member complete? (Choose 2)

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A business analyst has identified stakeholders for an initiative and performed an initial classification. Most are listed as neutral, but one is classified as resistant. The business analyst plans to speak to the resistant stakeholder personally.

What should be the goal of the business analyst's conversation with the resistant stakeholder?

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A business analyst is working with a development team to explore a solution for an internal app. Which tool or technique should they use to visualize the product for the end user?

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A company is exploring a new mobile technology to improve a business process. Which is a key output of the business analyst's investigation?

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Which statement about the product roadmap is correct?

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A business analyst is working on a complex software initiative for a financial institution. The stakeholders approve a project and create a project charter. The assigned project manager decides on an agile development approach.

Which statement describes the kind of work this business analyst can look forward to on this project?

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A business analyst is working with a celebrity stakeholder to create user stories for development of a new brand of perfume.

As a successful singer with a global reputation for sophistication, I want to be able to offer an equally sophisticated perfume so that I can increase brand awareness and make my fans happy.

Which of the following options is part of the possible acceptance criteria for this user story?

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