PMP Sample Exam 4

PMP Sample Exam 4

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The project manager, Peter, has been informed by the sponsor that the project needs to be completed 2 weeks earlier than the scheduled time. Peter goes to the team and informs them that they will need to work overtime to complete the project sooner. What is Peter doing to shorten the schedule?

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The project team is currently having disagreements about the program and methods they would use to implement a few of the features in the product backlog. What role should the agile project manager be doing during this scenario?

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When an organization is considering a project, what are some of the factors that can influence why a project should get done?


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While developing a new smartphone, the project team has identified a specific set of performance measurements that the phone should meet when it is complete. The measurement looks at how fast the phone can boot up and how fast it can shut down. Where should the project team document these measurements?

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You are currently working on a large building demolition project. There are many requirements for the potential vendors on the project, and you would like to ensure that they all receive the same information. What is the best tool or technique to ensure all vendors receive the same information about the project?

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You’re currently working on a large new building development project. The project team is currently breaking down the deliverables listed in the project scope statement into work that is more manageable. What process best describes this scenario?

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The project manager has to present the risk assessment to the senior management and has decided to take the most graphical representation of the probability and impact assessment. What tool should the project manager use?


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A project manager is having difficulties communicating with the project team; there always seem to be misunderstandings and conflicts. What interpersonal and team skills should the project manager improve on?

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While working on an agile project, the sponsor would like to know how much work remains to be completed in the project. The project manager has scheduled a meeting with the sponsor for the next day. What tool would be best for the project manager to take to the meeting?  

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The project manager has noticed that a few team members are having a difficult time following the process to inspect the quality of new software. What is the best tool to help them see the process, making it easier to follow?

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Which of the following is an XP practice that helps to create a shared vision between the developers and the customers?

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A project manager is currently working with the team to complete the office redesign project when a sponsor tells him to finish it 2 weeks sooner. The project manager will need 4 new people to join the team to complete the work sooner. What technique is best described in this scenario?

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The project manager and the project team were able to identify a number of risks that could affect the website upgrade project. They listed all of the risks on the risk register. They will now conduct a qualitative risk analysis to prioritize the risks. What will the team look at when prioritizing the risks?

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After a project manager is assigned to the project with the project charter, he continues to identify the stakeholders on the project. In this process, he creates the stakeholder register. Which of the following statement is false about the stakeholder register?

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The project manager is currently estimating how much programmers will need to complete the financial software upgrade project. What document can the project manager use to determine who is available to work on the project?  

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During a new workstation rollout project, a stakeholder asked for a change to some of the software being installed. The change was submitted to the Change Control Board but was rejected due to the high increase in cost of the software being requested. What should the project manager do next?

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While constructing a roof for a large building, the project team has identified the risk of a snowstorm. Due to the region in the country and the time of the year, the team has decided to take no action or preparations for the snowstorm. What risk response strategy is the team using?

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While managing the project team the agile project manager is having a very difficult time understanding why team members are always frustrated when communicating with him. What critical soft skills does this project manager lack?

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While conducting a risk assessment on a project, the project manager has identified a new regulatory risk. If the project is not completed by July 31, the company will have to scrap the project. What best describes this?

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Project manager Mary was informed by the team that the constant conflicts in the project have slowed down the team so that they are now behind in the work. Mary is not sure what she did wrong while planning the project. She used a RACI chart to assign roles to each team member. She has assigned each activity to at least two people who will be held accountable for the work. What best explains the conflicts in the project?

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A team member is working on upgrading the network server while another team member is painting the server room. The outcomes of these two events will not affect each other. What best describes the relationship between these two events?

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While working on an agile project, a customer has requested for the team to deploy the software as soon as the iteration is done. The customer has already checked the completed part of the software and has accepted it. The team has refused to deploy the software. What work best explains the team’s refusal?

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While discussing the benefits of agile with three of the organization’s key stakeholders what would be seeing as the main benefit for conducting the project using agile methodology versus traditional methodology?

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In what process does a project manager determine the approach they will use to involve the stakeholders to meet their expectations?  

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While working on an agile project, the project manager has met with the project team members to discuss what they had done the day before and what they plan to do today. What is the name of this meeting?

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What activity can the agile team do to list the reasons for why a particular process was failing during iteration?

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Your company has decided to roll out a new Wi-Fi network for the staff. The sponsor has informed you that encryption on the network is mandatory. Where will the project manager document that the encryption was mandated by the sponsor?

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The project manager, Mark, overheard that the project team is not satisfied with the way the budget was created. They strongly believe the project will be over budget at the end.

What is the next best step for Mark?

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You have just been appointed the new project manager on a product upgrade project. One person in particular at the company feels like the project may cause them to lose their job. This person has expert knowledge of the current product and does not feel that it needs an upgrade. What would you consider this person on your project?

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The project manager and team have decided to hire a contractor to complete building out the remaining section ofthe datacenter. They have the requirements listed in detail and would like to use a contract that would present the smallest amount of risk to the project. The project team members would like to purchase the materials themselves since there are very familiar with the work. What contract is best for this project?

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The project manager has taken all the work performance information that has been created so far on the project. He has started to create the overall project status report to present to the project stakeholders. What process is the project manager conducting?

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When managing a small construction project, the project manager has informed the project team members that they are using too many materials to complete the project work. The project manager feels the team members could utilize a lot less materials to accomplish the work they’re currently doing. What process describes this scenario?

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The project team has completed the scope baseline and has started to break down each of the work packages in into individual activities. What process should the team do next?

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The project team is having a very difficult time deciding what method they should use when programming the new functions in the application. They can choose between four different methods, and the team is evenly split regarding which method to choose. The project manager has decided that he will choose the method for them and will take the responsibility in case it is not the best way to program functions. What best describes this technique?

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While analyzing the budget of a project, the project manager notices that the current CPI of the project is .93 and the SPI is 1.4. What best describes what is taking place on this project?

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The project was executed about 3 weeks ago, and the project team seems to be having a lot of difficulties getting along with each other. They are always having conflicts about how to proceed on certain activities, and the project manager has to step in in order to solve these conflicts. What process is the project manager performing?

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While monitoring and controlling a project, the project manager has been comparing the work performance data to the project management plan to see if there are any variance. What process did the project manager finish to get the work performance data?

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The project team has completed a bidder conference for the office renovation project. Over 15 different construction companies came to the conference. Directly after the conference, all the companies submitted their bids immediately. What is the next step the project team should take?

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While working on a project, the project manager notices that most of the time is spent resolving conflicts between members of the project team. What is the best tool the project manager can use to resolve the problems amongst the team members?


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The project sponsors have informed the project manager that they would like to be included in the weekly meetings along with the team members. What should the project manager update to include the sponsors in the weekly meetings?

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While working on a large utility project for a major metropolitan area, the project manager has noticed that there is no change control board to approve changes for the project. What would be the best step for the project manager to take in this scenario?

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While working on a project, the sponsor makes it clear that he does not want any of the team members to be overworked. This means that no team member is allowed to work overtime. The sponsor is okay with the project being delayed due to this. What technique can the project manager best implement to ensure that no team member is overworked?

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The project team has been working very hard over the last 4 months to program the financial application and has completed it. The project manager has informed the team that the quality control team will be inspecting it next. What process group best describes what the team has done so far?


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While working on a project, you realize that you will not be able to install the server and the workstations at the same time. In fact, the team has alerted you that after the server installation is done, you should wait an additional 4 days before installing the workstations. This is due to the updates the server will need, which is an automated process. What do you need to add to the schedule in order to account for this delay?

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While building the agile space for new agile team which of the following tools should the project manager insurer is available to all of them?

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While working on the network upgrade project, the project manager receives many ideas about what to include in the project. The ideas seem to be very scattered and not logically grouped. What tool can best help the project manager group these ideas?

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After the iteration has completed where will the team inspect the methods, they used to build that increments?

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While working on a project, the CEO of the company has informed you that he would like to terminate the project and have you work on a few others projects. What kind of influence does this best represent?


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While monitoring and controlling the project, the project manager and the team have consistently received broken equipment from a particular vendor. They have spoken with the vendor and implemented a new process that will ensure the equipment does not show up broken. This seems to have solved the problem. What is the next step the project manager should take?

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The datacenter redesign project has been executed and is currently 50% complete. One of the project’s key stakeholders has submitted a change request to change the building’s wiring from copper cables to fiber cables. The project manager has contacted a wiring contractor, who said it will take about 2 months to install the fiber at a cost of $2 million. What should the project manager do next?

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The project manager is currently analyzing the requirements for the project. He has noticed that the stakeholders will be very disappointed if there are defects in the deliverables. He decides to ensure that the project team receives the right training and the best equipment available to build the deliverables correctly. This will in turn increase the overall cost of the project, but stakeholders do not mind the increase in cost. What best describes this increase in cost?

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During a new smartphone development project, the customers are given a prototype of the smartphone for them to try. They inform you that the phone constantly reboots, and sometimes the touch screen does not work. What tool can the project team use to find the reasons for these defects?

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A project manager decided to ensure that all team members on the project do not work on more than one activity at a time. This way, the team doesn’t get burned out and can work at a steady pace. The schedule may increase due to this policy, which is okay with the sponsor. What technique best describes this action?

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There have been many disputes on the project with the current contractor. The contractor claims the project team is always asking that work not be listed in the contract, and the team claims that the contractor has not been doing the work listed in the contract. What should the project manager do first?

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While managing the stakeholders’ engagement, the project manager notices that some of the team members are not respectful to other team members. This has led to a few conflicts between the members. What can the project manager best do about this?

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When deciding what user stories should get done in the next iteration what should the project team consider?

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After the project manager has collected the requirements and received approval for the scope statement, what process should the project manager do next?  

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Project manager Mark is working to create the project scope statement for a sales management software. Many stakeholders have requested that a feature be added to enable automated call -backs to leads that come through the website. Mark realizes this feature would not be possible due to the fact that the company’s current network lacks the required hardware. What is the best approach for Mark to take?

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Which of the following would be considered a waste on a project?

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The project manager is conducting a presentation with a few of the senior stakeholders, and they are not happy with the progress of the project. The project manager has informed them that the delay is due to a contractor that was affected by a major flood a few weeks ago. What process does this best describe?

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While working on a new server upgrade project, the project manager calculates the SPI of the project to be 1.3. The project sponsor would like an explanation for why the SPI is that high. What would be the project manager’s best response?

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The project manager has acquired the project team members and is starting to work with them to complete the project work. During this process the project manager has utilized a variety of rewards and recognition theories to keep the team motivated. What is the output of this process?

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When managing risks on a project, the project manager should be aware of the individual project risks and which other project risks?

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Team members Mark and Bill are currently experiencing conflict in the office move project. Mark believes that it would be best if they moved the furniture first and then the computers, whereas Bill believes it’s best to move the computers and then the furniture. This conflict is causing a serious delay to the project, and both Mark and Bill have decided they will make a decision on what to move first at a later date. What conflict resolution technique best describes this scenario?

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You are having an issue with the software crashing consistently on the project. What should you use to identify the cause of this issue and the effect it may have on your project?


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The agile project team has decided to do one of the features from the product backlog. The single feature will take six weeks to complete and will be reviewed by the customer. What actions should the agile project manager take next?

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While building an agile space the project manager would like to implement a tool that will allow the team to keep track of the flow of work while limiting the work in progress. What tool best meets these requirements?

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While planning a project, the project manager is given many requirements that the customers would like to add to the project. Upon further investigation, the project manager decides that a few of the requirements will not be feasible within the limited time and cost allocated to the project. What document would best list the requirements that will not be added to this project?

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The project planning has been completed for the office renovation project. The project management plan has been approved by the sponsor and senior management. What would the project manager do next?


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While constructing a new office space, the sponsor has requested the project manager complete the project sooner. While analyzing the work, the project manager has noticed that some of the work can start before the predecessor work is done. What can the project manager do in this scenario to complete the project sooner?

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Which of the following statements is true about projects:

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Which of the following is a method that will be used to conduct frequent verification and validation that can be done every second on the project?

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The sponsor would like a report about the resources that are being used on the project. He would like to see them broken down by different categories to make them easier to understand. What process will the project manager use to create this?

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If the work of the project will contain and the velocity of the team is currently at 14 points. What is the total size of the project in terms of story points?

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Senior management in the organization would like your project to have as few risks as possible. Which of the following contracts best meet their criteria?

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The project manager is having a very difficult time collecting the requirements from the customers. The customers are having a difficult time putting the requirements into logical groupings. What tool can best help them group the requirements?

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The project has just been initiated, and the project sponsor calls the project manager and asks approximately when he thinks the project will be completed. The project manager replies that they have been unable to thoroughly analyze the work needed to complete the project and that he is not very knowledgeable about this kind of work. The sponsor insists on receiving a high-level estimate. The project manager responds that it will take approximately 3 months to complete the work based on his experience working on a project very similar to this one. What technique best represents this estimate?

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While working on a project with a budget of $5,000, the project manager determines that the earned value on the project so far is $1,750. So far, the project team has spent $2,900. What should the project manager report as the status of the budget?

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What is the difference between the product backlog and the iteration backlog?

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While compiling all the work performance information into the work performance report, a project manager notices that the SPI of the project is .6 and the CPI is .7. What action should the project manager take next on this project?

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The product owner has added three new changes to the product backlog. The agile project manager has met with the team and they have decided immediately how to implement these new changes, although these changes will be implemented in three iterations from now. The product owner informs the agile project manager that he is not happy about this. What should the agile project manager do?

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The project manager and team are currently working to create a list of activities needed to complete the project. They have come to one particular work package that they cannot decompose because they do not know enough about the work yet. They have decided that midway through the project, they will decompose this particular work package. What tool or technique are they using?

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The project manager and sponsor are consulting with banks and other lending institutions in order to obtain funds for the project. What process this describes these actions?

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While measuring quality on a project, the project team decided to just measure the quality as pass/fail. The team has determined that this is the best method because the deliverables are mostly functions that will need to produce a correct result. What best describes this measurement?

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While working on a project, the project manager asks to incorporate more of the user feedback  into the deliverables. In an agile project, where do the customers give the team feedback on the product?

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The project manager has been informed that the cost of building a new room in the office will be $15,000, +/- 65%. The project manager wants to know why there is such a large variance in the estimate. The builder said they have not seen the space and it’s just a high-level estimate. What kind of estimate does this best represent?

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The project team has been brought together for the first time to work on the network upgrade project. They were able to learn about the functions they will doing on the project and what their roles will be. What will the team do next, according to Tuckman’s ladder?

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The risk management plan generally outlines the steps the project will take to conduct risk management processes on the project. Which of the following will the risk management plan not include?


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A large development company has just initiated a project to build a 60-story building. The project will take approximately 3 years to complete with a cost of $550 million. The development company has started to facilitate funding for the project by asking private equity firms and banks. What tools does this best represent?

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While working on a project, the project manager has been inspiring the team members to do the best they can. Also, the project manager has been regularly communicating the project’s vision to the team. What skill does this best describe?

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A project has completed 60% of all the work. The team has spent 55% of the project budget. The budget is currently set at $180,000. The sponsor has requested to know the project’s CPI. The project manager should inform the sponsor that the CPI is the following

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Two team members were having a conflict over what programming method should be used on the new application. They have resolved the conflict. What would be their next step?

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During the datacenter development project, the project manager has noticed that some of the work being done on the project is not in the baseline scope. The project manager has analyzed the work completed by the project team and then compared that to the project management plan to see where the differences are. What process best describes the work of the project manager?

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While monitoring the status of an agile project what numerical analysis can the project team use to help determine if the project is on schedule?


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The project manager has decided that most of the stakeholders on the project would like to reference the status reports for the project on the company’s internal website on their own time. This would make it easier for them, as it is very difficult to schedule a meeting with all of them at once. What type of communication best describes this?

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While working on a large multinational project, you identify some of the positive and negative stakeholders. What process group are you currently engaged in?

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While developing complex software for an organization, the project team creates a computer-generated model of what it will look like when it is done. This model is given to the customers for their feedback. What best describes this model?

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The project manager is having a difficult time keeping the project on plan. There are many changes regarding the project scope, which has led to an increase in the project budget. Management would like a reason why there have been so many scope changes on this project. What would most likely cause many scope changes on a project?

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The product owner has requested to be showing how much work there remains to be done on the project. What would be the best agile tool to display this?

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Over the last three weeks the project team has finally been able to establish a shared vision of what the product would look like when it is complete. This is an example of?

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A project manager wants to know whether an agile team possesses a good combination of T-shaped skills.

What can the project manager measure to determine this?

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An agile team member solved a problem that had blocked work for several weeks. After release of the software, it appears that the solution caused a function to fail. The quality director demands an explanation.

In which two ways should the project manager react? (Choose TWO.)

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A recently formed agile team is exhausted after working 12-hour days to fulfill sprint commitments.

Who has NOT properly performed their duties in this situation?

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The product owner’s schedule is very busy, and he wishes to delegate some of his tasks to the experienced agile team.

Which task is suitable to delegate to the agile team?

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A project is in the execution stage, and a change in the market pushes stakeholders to make the due date earlier. The project manager rapidly assigns skilled resources to build and establish the team.

Which of the following would NOT be included in the project manager’s next steps?

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Project A is experiencing schedule performance issues. After assessing the issues, the project manager determines that project resources have low expertise levels.
Specifically, a few of the senior-level resources perform irrelevant work, and some inexperienced resources take too much time to complete tasks.

Which action should the project manager take to enhance team performance?

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Several new members are added to an ongoing project. Although all original team members received basic training on the specifics of the business operation that the project supports, the new members do NOT have the same basic understanding. This lack of understanding results in decreased productivity.

How should the project manager respond to this issue?

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A team decides that an agile approach fits the needs of the next phase in their project. Unfortunately, some team members have NOT had the appropriate agile training.

How should the project manager respond to the lack of agile training?

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A project team has been efficiently delivering results. The product upgrade they are working on must be released in three months or else a competitor’s new product will make theirs obsolete. Citing this reason, the product owner makes a sudden request for a feature revision. However, no one on the project team is capable of doing the work. The project sponsor is willing to extend the budget but CANNOT extend the schedule.

What should the project manager do?

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Some agile approaches have recently been added to an infrastructure company’s predictive processes. The team is NOT completing the planned story points, and they are becoming passive. The project manager is concerned and wants to improve productivity.

Which two actions should the project manager take? (Choose TWO.)

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An agile approach is required during the final phase in a team’s project. As the team discusses the phase, some team members disclose that they have NOT worked with agile before. The deadline is approaching soon.

How should the project manager respond?

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A project has the following characteristics:

– Schedule performance issues occur due to low expertise levels of project resources.
– Junior-level resources are NOT completing tasks in a timely manner.
– Highly-experienced resources report that their junior colleagues are performing unnecessary tasks.

In what two ways can the project manager enhance the performance of this team? (Choose TWO.)

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During Project A’s kickoff phase, the project manager provided training for the entire team regarding the specifics of the company operations that the project supports.
A year later, project productivity is suffering because members who were added later in the project do NOT have the same level of understanding.

How should the project manager respond to this challenge?

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A technology development project has the following characteristics:

It requires a highly skilled resource that is unavailable locally.
The project manager has identified a resource who can do the work, but the resource lives in a different country and requires a work visa.
The work visa process is taking more time than anticipated.

What should the project manager do?

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A key team member is asked to move to another project during the middle of a technical project. The team believes this is an unwise move and expresses concern.

Which action will help to resolve the issue?

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A project manager is working on a small project that is critical for a larger program milestone. A new resource has been assigned to replace a key resource who had to leave the project. Unfortunately, an outside stakeholder claims that the person who assigned the new resource sent their weakest team member.

How should the project manager approach this rumor?

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A project manager in an organization that uses traditional project management is assigned to an ongoing project. Recently, the organization has started to use agile methodologies for projects. The project manager hears that some team members think key subject matter expertise is missing and that the team does NOT collaborate enough.

How should the project manager respond to these team members’ concerns?

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During a technical project, a well-liked project member is reassigned to a different project. The team has expressed disapproval regarding the reassignment.

What action can help mitigate the team’s disapproval?

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A new resource joins a working project team and is assigned to a small project that is critical to a larger program milestone. Unfortunately, the new resource is under-skilled and very nervous. The team dynamic has become awkward, and work has slowed on the small project.

Which are two possible ways for the project manager to handle this situation? (Choose TWO).

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On an agile team, staff members from various organizational departments rotate in and out, to augment the team.  How can the project manager help shield the permanent team members from disruption?

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Before the next iteration begins, project team B meets an unexpected challenge which threatens to delay the current phase. The task in the next iteration CANNOT be completed because of this challenge. Another team within the project is depending on timely completion of Task 1 in order to fulfill their work.

How should the project manager resolve this issue?

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During a meeting, a project manager learns that a business result needs to be delivered in four (4) weeks, although the original schedule stated sixteen (16) weeks. The project manager also hears that there is NO available technical resource. The project manager knows the technical resource manager because they worked together on a previous project.

What is the first thing the project manager should do?

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A project manager in a virtual team realizes, during the third iteration of product development, that the team dashboard that shows progress on work is faulty and is NOT showing updates.

Which action should the project manager take?

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Project D is working virtually because of a recent natural disaster. Several activities are delayed because a project team member has NOT been working for the past week. This impacts the critical path.

How should the project manager respond to this problem?

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During an iteration, a project team working in country B encounters problems that may cause a delay in completion of task B. Teams in country A need task B to be completed on time in order to meet their schedules. These teams work together virtually.

What can the project manager do to resolve this problem?

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A new project manager needs to deliver a high-stakes agile project. The vendor working with the team is in another country. Though this vendor has delivered excellent quality work on time in the past, they are currently behind schedule. The team explains to the project manager that their attempts to get the vendor back on schedule have failed. They have sent emails and phoned, but the vendor only gives vague, noncommittal responses. The product owner insists that this vendor is essential to the success of the project and an important partner of the business.

Which action should the project manager take?

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A longstanding, key team member in a virtual team has been unmotivated for weeks after the death of a family member. Because of this, several project activities are behind schedule, impacting the project’s critical path.

How should the project manager handle this situation?

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Several items remain in the Kanban blocked column despite the team’s efforts to resolve the issues. The retrospective reveals that all of the impediments relate to mandatory corporate business processes, which introduce wait times.

What should the project manager do next?

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Several items remain in the Kanban blocked column despite the team’s efforts to address them. The retrospective reveals that all the impediments can be traced back to a particular department head. Previously, the project manager has tried to educate this stakeholder, but they still show resistance.

What should the project manager do next?

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Several unforeseen impediments suddenly appear on the Kanban board in a hybrid project. Each team member has reported one or more different problems relating to a regulatory specification issued by the predictive track.

Which parameter is likely to be highest in the risk assessment?

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A project manager is preparing the charter for a project. The project aims to automate 30 percent of the company’s product testing. The project sponsor advises the project manager to assign senior test engineers to identify the tests that can be automated.
The test department manager, however, is NOT cooperative because they believe that the project will lead to downsizing in their department.
Which two actions are suitable in this scenario? (Choose TWO.)

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Project manager A identifies three critical risks with the probability of a high impact on the schedule and budget of project A—this project is producing critical deliverables for the company.

The team meets to devise a solution for the risks and decides that three specific resources will be required to address the risks. However, these resources are already committed to a separate project, which is managed by project manager B.
Which party should the project manager work with first to find a solution?

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A customer is NOT satisfied with the delivered product, saying that it was NOT what they expected. The project manager is surprised, because the agile development team delivered the product several iterations early.

What is one way that the project manager could have avoided this result?

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A key stakeholder voices a concern during the planning stage about whether the available resources are adequate to meet the objectives of the project. After further discussion about the requirements and the number of resources identified, the project manager is hesitant about the original plan.

Which two steps should the project manager take next? (Choose TWO.)

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“A contractor has sent an email request for urgent payment of their last invoice on a project that is going through a long execution stage with multiple contractors.

How should the project manager respond to this contractor’s request?”

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The sales and marketing director at company A reports a 40% drop in revenue and significant increase in returns for Widget version 6.0. Customers are complaining directly to customer service and the social media teams report a high rate of negative feedback.
The project team is already working on Widget version 6.1., which is a small set of upgrades and bug fixes. The director gets in touch with the team, requesting a full disclosure of version 6.0 and 6.1 requirements.

How should the project manager interact with this stakeholder?

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A project has a quality management plan in place.

This plan states that project deliverables must be reviewed for quality at least five (5) business days before the deadline. Four deliverables have failed the quality requirement. What should the project manager do?

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The project sponsor is NOT convinced that an agile track should be used in a new R&D project because the company needs to be certain that specific features will be ready for mass production by a specific date.

Which three agile methods can ensure that the sponsor’s needs can be fulfilled in a hybrid project approach? (Choose THREE.)

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A project manager observes that team members are in a low mood after demos. Feedback from stakeholders is constantly causing concern for the team. As a result, the team rushes through product demos, and the interaction between the team and stakeholders is minimal.

Which action should the project manager take?

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The IT department of a glassware manufacturer enthusiastically approved the agile team’s mid-project demo of quality-checking software for assembly line workers. However, the final product was considered UNUSABLE because the workers’ gloves are too thick to press the machinery’s small buttons.

What should the project manager do to avoid this kind of failure in the future?

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The agile team sometimes has idle periods while awaiting a product director to inform the product owner on new goals. The decisions depend on analysis of market research.  Which measure could reconcile the needs of the director and the agile team?

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An agile development team changes a design element in a project. Testing results improve dramatically over the next two iterations. At the third iteration retrospective, the product owner is unhappy to learn about the change to the original design and asks the team to redo the work based on the original design.

How can the project manager prevent such situations?

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A product owner repeatedly complains, saying that a function developed by the development team does NOT seem to align with the original design. What will help to solve this issue?

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During a challenging stakeholder meeting, one stakeholder indicates that they will reject an iteration’s deliverable.

What should the project manager do?

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A team misunderstood one product’s functionality documented in an earlier stage of the project. During the current iteration, the functionality has NOT yet been developed, but a business representative has mentioned the deficiency.

How should the project manager proceed?

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A project team is working with an overseas contractor based in a country that has three official languages, and every contractor on the team is multilingual. Team meetings continue to be held in the commonly shared language, but during project work meetings, contractors speak to each other in a different language.

When the project manager brings this up in the next team meeting, the contractors express regret, but they explain that they work better when they can communicate freely with each other.

How should the project manager respond first?

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A project manager with limited experience managing globally distributed team members is appointed to a project with team members who are all from another country and speak a different native language.

To successfully manage this project, the project manager needs to have cultural sensitivity.

What of the following actions should the project manager NOT take?

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A governmental anti-money laundering software project needs a solution to collaborate with a remote agile team of four (4) people in another country. Spontaneous verbal communication between the teams must be supported. All the remote team’s workstations and Kanban boards must be visible at all times.

Which virtual team collaboration solution is most appropriate?

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Members of a virtual agile team are separated by seven (7) time zones. Daily meetings are too long, and the problem is made worse when laptop cameras switch between the speaking members.

Which two measures should the project manager take to achieve shorter, more efficient daily meetings? (Choose TWO).

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A company is constructing recycling plants in fifteen (15) countries around the world. The lead in the project management office (PMO) wants more timely progress reporting and experience sharing between project managers in each of the geographically distant projects.

Which two agile methods might the PMO use to fulfill this need? (Choose TWO).

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A planned task in a sprint was nearly NOT completed because of an issue that appeared three (3) days prior but was NOT resolved.  The team resolved it in the next daily standup meeting, but the project manager wants to prevent this type of situation in the future.

What should the project manager do?

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A project manager went on a vacation and returned to discord. According to two stakeholders, stakeholder C is causing problems.  Every day for the last two (2) weeks, stakeholder C sent an email to the team, checking progress and giving new instructions. The team ignored the emails and continued working, but the other stakeholders are concerned about stakeholder C’s behavior.

What should the project manager do?

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A frustrated agile team member approaches the project manager to complain that a senior team member is claiming all the “interesting” backlog items and leaving the tedious activities for everyone else.

How should the project manager address the complaint?

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The company has hired a new Architectural Excellence board with a mission to promote new programming paradigms. The agile team continues to work on new and existing software products.

How should the project manager deal with this new development?

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A project manager develops a project management plan and schedule based on an agreed-upon project lifecycle of 16 months. Later, due to changing business requirements, the project sponsor requests completion within nine (9) months.

How should the project manager respond to this proposed change?

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A project manager needs to ensure that the team delivers business value within the required timelines. The project manager recently learned that key stakeholders are worried that the current release plan will NOT meet urgent business needs.

How can the project manager effectively respond to stakeholder concerns?

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A project manager who is handling multiple projects in five different countries has issued a new directive on workplace attire and office arrangements. This has been met with resistance in three countries, resulting in a series of misunderstandings with the project manager.

What should the project manager have done?

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A senior team member was very influential and played a crucial role in past projects. In this new project, the senior member no longer plays a crucial role and is demotivated.

What should the project manager do to address this situation?

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A delivery team member is complaining about the workload and the number of top priorities they are handling. Another team member is complaining that they cannot do their own work due to the lack of progress from this team member. They are both frustrated and low performing because of this dispute.

What should the project manager do to improve team performance?

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A project manager of a large team notices that team members are not interacting together, which is impacting project performance and the quality of the project’s outcome. The project manager tries to increase team morale by inviting team members to an after-work event, but only a few team members attend.

What should the project manager do?

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A project manager for a delivery project has engaged a vendor to provide the testing services for the project. Which items should the project manager ensure the vendor provides before the testing starts?

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While reviewing a status report, a project manager notices that, over a period of six months, the coding quality for one developer is statistically lower than another developer assigned the same task. Which tool should the project manager use to trace the problem’s source back to its actionable root cause?

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A project manager is reviewing work performance data in preparation for the Close Project process. The data reveals that one of the deliverables was not accepted. The estimated work required to complete acceptance of the deliverable will delay the project completion date by two months.

What should the project manager do next?

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An application developer took a story card to work that read “Customer can pay using credit card”. After the implementation, the functionality was rejected because the application could not accept foreign credit cards.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this issue?

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Quality management is a vital aspect of any project. Which of the following quality control aspects is a component of a high functioning measurement system?

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The first version delivered to the quality control team has poor performance, and the testers are complaining that they cannot complete all the test cases as planned. Which is a tool to help to monitor performance?

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A project manager is creating a software project’s quality management plan. While reviewing lessons learned from past, similar projects, the project manager discovers that rework due to quality issues resulted in cost overruns.

What should the project manager do to ensure that quality is addressed throughout the software development life cycle?

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A project manager discovers a significant flaw in a major project deliverable. Which project management process is being performed?

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A project team has not been performing user acceptance tests on a deliverable because the product has been working as expected in other projects. However, after implementation, the product is not operational.

What should the project manager do to identify the source of the problem?

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A project manager is assigned to an ongoing project and determines that the quality has been consistent. There is a considerable budget for quality assurance. Other areas of the project could benefit from these funds.

What should the project manager do?

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A company that manufactures standard equipment for municipalities needs to ensure consistency in tasks performed regularly during product assembly. What should the project manager develop to achieve this?

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A project is being audited to ensure compliance with organizational policies. What process is being conducted?

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A project manager is working with stakeholders to identify the steps that must be completed as part of a task. The project manager needs to be able to verify that team members have completed all the steps required when performing a frequently performed task.

What should the project manager use?

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A manufacturing company receives customer complaints that a product is defective. A project sponsor has said that these complaints might be outliers.

What should the project manager use to investigate the cause and quantity of defects in this product?

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During a periodic review with stakeholders, the project sponsor asks how the project will measure satisfactory completion of the deliverables and how those measurements are applied.

Where can the project manager find this information?

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