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In the dynamic landscape of Qatar’s construction industry, our client is recognized as one of the premier construction companies in the region. As their projects evolved in scale and intricacy, the reliance on traditional paperwork and extensive project reports became a bottleneck. They faced challenges in their snag management process due to a lack of software assistance to centralize their snag management activities. Consequently, it became difficult for the stakeholders to manage work and bring
Our client being one of the leading international Telecommunications service providers had a challenge of huge number of demands from business units to the software unit for new releases, bug fixes and updates with constraint resources. Their existing systems were missing complete visibility to understand productivity loss and measure ideal response times. They are already using Jira to create Sprints, Stories and Demand Management issues on a management level. Scrum teams consisting of people with different

July 28, 2022

ITIL Foundation Sample 4

Aamir Dawawala Comments are off
ITIL4 FOUNDATION EXAMS 4  440 Created on July 28, 2022 By Safi Ullah ITIL4-Foundation Sample (Exam Set 4) ITIL4-Foundation sample paper 4 1 / 60 Staff in an IT organization are very busy, mostly carrying out tasks that add little or no value to the organization or its customers. Which guiding principle recommends that the unnecessary work should be eliminated? Keep it simple and practical Think and work holistically Start where you are Progress iteratively
Future of Project Management Project Management is not Arts or Science but it is combination of both. There are two critical aspects of Project Management which creates this rare combination. First, having the art to take  decisions at the right time. Second, the science which requires to maintain administration along with constant monitoring to keep the projects controlled. Project Management as a discipline has been there from ages and has also evolved tremendously in recent
Too much work load?            Overloaded with tasks? Working non-stop? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you aren’t alone. Many knowledge workers struggle with these problems. Kanban (which also means JIT – just in time) is a visual workflow management tool that can help you get work done with less stress. Sounds intriguing? Read on. Kanban: A Short History It all started in the early 1940s. The first
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