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Future of Project Management Project Management is not Arts or Science but it is combination of both. There are two critical aspects of Project Management which creates this rare combination. First, having the art to take  decisions at the right time. Second, the science which requires to maintain administration along with constant monitoring to keep the projects controlled. Project Management as a discipline has been there from ages and has also evolved tremendously in recent
Too much work load?            Overloaded with tasks? Working non-stop? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you aren’t alone. Many knowledge workers struggle with these problems. Kanban (which also means JIT – just in time) is a visual workflow management tool that can help you get work done with less stress. Sounds intriguing? Read on. Kanban: A Short History It all started in the early 1940s. The first
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The War of Certifications If you’re in the Project Management field, or if you want to indulge and immerse yourself in this thriving discipline, you would have wondered what steps you need to take to kick-start your career with a certification recognized around the world. Both the Project Management Professional (PMP®) and PRINCE2 (Projects In a Controlled Environment) are highly reputed in the field.  These certifications can be used by the employers to assess your
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Has any Project Status Report looked suspiciously perfect to you ? The is an example of a weekly report where everything seems right from the outside with no issues presented from the project manager (PM) but when you dig deeper the ‘Red’ starts to appear; this concept is called the “watermelon effect”. As PMO (Project Management Office) when you review each week’s status report everything looks OK ..i.e. ‘Green’ But in reality, the project manager
I have been recently researching possibilities to make Project Management processes smarter using the latest technologies. Part of this study, I came across Blockchain technology which is the backend of Bitcoins. It’s unfortunate that with the popularity of Bitcoin, blockchain’s potential got undermined. This technology amazed me, and I think it will be creating a revolution once its unleashed as we had in 1990’s with the birth of Internet. In a gist, I foresee two