Easy Spoken Arabic L2

PMOBytes is starting a course of Easy Spoken Arabic Level 2 (L2) for all the students who have basic Arabic knowledge and desire to go further in their learning and improving their speaking skills. The objective of this course is to practice Arabic speaking skills in daily situations.

Many people here in Qatar have this desire to speak Arabic but struggle to find the right resources. Most of the courses here in Qatar are focused on classical Arabic which is different to the Qatari dialect which is used in the common conversation. 

We have come up with a course which emphasize on Speaking the language in a fun learning way. There is a mix of virtual classes and some meet-ups to make all students know each other and interact face to face.


Below is the course outline which covers common situations where you would need the appropriate vocabulary and aspects of grammar to formulate appropriate sentences. 

Certain situations will repeat from the Level 1 but more vocabulary will be included to make the students practice further and get more confident in their Arabic Speaking Skills. 

This course will be for 20 hours that will include interactive training with sessions twice every week until two months of duration

  • Greeting people
  • First person ‘I’
  • Second person ‘you’
  • Pronouncing: Sun and moon letters
  • Sound masculine and feminine
  • Introducing yourself and the other.
  • Meeting a friend.
  • Question: which, why, what, how, who…
  • Pronouns
  • Talking about nationalities
  • Demonstratives ‘’this ‘’
  • Feminine and masculine
  • Introducing your family
  • Possessive endings
  • Masculine plural
  • Talking about professions
  • Introducing the form’ ’To have’’
  • Negating (to have)
  • Feminine plural
  • Ordering and buying food
  • Verbs: Present tense
  • Negating of the present
  • Requesting goods
  • Vegetables and fruits names
  • Directions.
  • Numbers, ordinal numbers.
  • Days of the week
  • Months
  • Telling time
  • Verbs: Past tense verb conjugations


  • Buying clothes.
  • Expressing preferences.
  • Clothes names
  • Feminine and masculine colours
  • At the rental office.
  • Room names in a house
  • Furniture names
  • Interrogatives: ‘’how many/ how much’’
  • Verbs:  Future tense
  • Negating the future tense
  • how to make an appointment
  • Negating the present
  • At the doctor clinic.
  • Body parts
  • Open an account
  • Currency
  • Discussion with the cashier

why pmobytes

We plan to build a community through which you will be connected to practice this beautiful Arabic language. After the classes are over, the trainer will still be accessible to clarify any further doubts you would have when you will try to practise this in real life. 


We will keep some meet-ups for us to continue the learning with our batch mates. There will be another advance level even planned for the students who wish to continue their studies and gain further language skills.


For any more clarification email us @ [email protected] or call us on 00974 31552224  

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